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Radio Free Northwest – September 16th, 2010

In this broadcast Mr. Covington gives us an extended update on the Edgar Steele case, answers his Dutch Uncle critics, and discusses the beginning of NF local organizing here in the Homeland itself.


  1. Wes
    Sep 16, 2010

    Maybe they arrested him for the same reason they went after Randy Weaver, i. e. they spent too much money doing an investigation and the agency was demanding results.

  2. Billy
    Sep 17, 2010

    This was a very mature broadcast on Covington’s part. Kudos to him. He had an opportunity to re-open old sores with nonsensical tirades and didn’t. Good for him. He showed himself to be the better man today. Well done.

  3. Troy Asin
    Sep 17, 2010

    Why not post PDF images for stickers or fliers on the NF site. Some people are willing to print and distribute flyers or stickers for the NF but don’t have the talent or software to create a proper design. Some people have both the talent and software to design stickers and flyers for the NF but don’t have the time or inclination to print or distribute them. We should be able to work something out between these two groups. It would also be nice to have your approval on designs.

  4. Harold
    Sep 17, 2010

    Uh…thanks, Billy. Not quite sure what you’re talking about, but thanks.

  5. Luek
    Sep 17, 2010

    Hello Harold,

    As the concept of the Homeland continues to spread don’t you think it would be wise to copyright the images and names to avoid their being used by others that may not have our best interests in mind. Like Morris Dees and other vermin?

  6. Steve
    Sep 17, 2010

    It’s clear that the plan is to shut down Steele’s new book and his ability to promote it. OY Vey, can’t have the goyim exposing another one of our scams!!

    BTW HAC, welcome to a dark, wet, rainy September.. but I love it!

  7. Kenneth DeWit
    Sep 18, 2010

    Harold, It is my thought that the FBI is behind this, and behind the FBI, stands “THE ONE” and I think you know what I am talking about ! Edgar is someone who, TELLS it like it is, and in this Police ran State, we now find ourselves living in, a VERY UNPOPULAR thing to do! DAM THAT TO HELL!!!!! If, we all where to be ran off, shut up, threatened, chorused by the tactics of this corrupt and most despicable bought off Government, GOD HELP US ALL! Mr Steele, as much as I hate to use this word, is a “MARTYR of our time, as I am afraid there are going to be MANY more before this is done. SO BE IT! The END RESULT is what is the Goal for the White Race, and THAT is ALL we WHITES should care about. I am sad that you seem to think that older White People are not really your cup of tea for the Northwest, but that is your opinion albeit a wrong one. I think you forget how many Older White People of by gone days were the TRUE Pioneers in bringing this Country to the fore. I am NOT disagreeing with you that the youth of our White Nation should be of GREAT CONCERN in bringing about the bringing back, and hopefully, cleansing of the White America as She once stood for! I am very grateful that you have concentrated all your efforts to the cause ALL Whites should embrace. WHITE NOW, WHITE TOMORROW, WHITE FOREVER!, Kenny 173rd Airborne Brigade Hunter/Killer team Leader point Man 1969 and yes, I am 60 yrs old, but I am SERIOUS to my RACE!

  8. Steve
    Sep 18, 2010

    Good points Kenneth.. I do remember a 78 year old man, who in the aftermath of Concord-1775, as the redcoats were fleeing, grabbed his musket and two pistols and shot up some of the redcoats. They finally got him with 14 musketballs, he fell but he survived, as a nearby doctor found him and patched him up! He later went on to marry a much younger wife and had more children, and lived into his 90s!

  9. Harold
    Sep 18, 2010


    They are already copyrighted viz. my book covers.

  10. Rudolf
    Sep 19, 2010


    Time: 09/19/2010 11:00 PM EDT
    Episode Notes: Episode Notes: TMT — Episode #36 – Covington’s Law of White Nationalist Forums & Lindstedt’s Corollary . Listening to old podcasts and what is going on now, I am struck by how Harold Covington is usually correct in his predictions. Last week was about the History of the Bowel Movement and how Covington’s Law of White Nationalist forums (and blogs) is correct. Whigger Nutsionalists are worse than jews in censoring other bowel Movement ‘leaders’ and thinking. Lindstedt’s Corollary to Covington’s Law states that censorship by jews is replaced by censorship by whiggers. So I’ll discuss VNNF, $permFront, phorafags/feebs, and even in parts StumbleInn, as to how whiggers simply can’t stand free speech, even while they proclaim it.

  11. izzy
    Sep 20, 2010

    I think his aorta explosion, i.e. “heart attack” that almost killed him last NOv. 2009 was the result of microwave or ELF/ULF technology. 35 yrs ago they had the technology to cause heart attacks as was testified to in the Church Commission investigation of the CIA that was supposed to stop all that nonsense of attacking American civilians and journalists with these :”non-lethal” weapons that are anything but non-lethal. Even tasers have killed over a 1000 people and police are so desensitized, they regularly taser old people and children that they could easily restrain, arrest, and/or cuff without this weapon. I think it is just one more ADL sponsored tactic to militarizing our police like they’ve been doing for the past 20 yrs. Anyone 35 or older can see police act much different now than the 70’s. With satanist pedophile Bush Sr. in office with Reagan in which Ron got shot by Bush’s MK Ultra family friends son only 31 days into office, we all know who was the real boss of the Reagan years. In essense, the Bush family has run this country since 1980 and we all see the results. They werent or arent nazis. THEY blend marxism.zionism, and nazi fascism all together for a sick mix.

  12. T. A. EaSSon
    Sep 21, 2010

    Christ almighty, you Americans really are complete pussies. “Oh please, don’t be mean to me, don’t point out my weaknesses and my flaws, I can’t take it!” Pathetic. In Scotland we haven’t done much to fight the immigrant tide, but if we had an option like the Northwest Imperative, we’d damn well jump at it. You American ponces should be damned well ashamed of yourself for your laziness, self-pity and ignorance, not to mention arrogance. No wonder your armies are getting their arses kicked in the Middle East, if that’s the kind of delicate dandies you have prancing around the Persian dunes. I ain’t afraid to give my email address out: bloodandsoil@live.co.uk

    GIVE YOURSELVES A DAMN SHAKE WHITE AMERICA! You would never think that guys like Harold and GLR were Americans!

    PS How does one spell the name of that spy-novel author Harold mentioned?

  13. Steve
    Sep 21, 2010

    T. A. EaSSon, I wouldn’t be boasting too much as to how macho and mighty current Scots are.. after all you are completely disarmed and cannot even own swords, now

    I am a descendant of Clan MacGregor and we never disarmed. Many of us came to America and fought, bled and sometimes died in order to have some freedom. We still have enough of it to take this land by force as soon as things get bad enough so that men will have no other option

  14. Peter
    Sep 23, 2010

    To T. A. EaSSon
    I was born in Dundee, Scotland, and when I lived in Scotland there were no non-Whites. The first Darkie I saw was in Canada where I now live. So you assholes let millions of shit-faced bugger-boys in your country and you didn’t lift a finger! George Wallace would be ashamed of you all. You have the cheek to insult Americans when you clearly don’t even have balls.
    T. A. EaSSon, go piss-off!

  15. T. A. Easson
    Sep 23, 2010

    Typical – an American with a daft rose-tinted romanticized view of Scottish folk! We didn’t bloody well disarm ourselves! We’ve been shat on by the kikes and the money-drunk of our race for hundreds of years! All of this bullshit STARTED in England, and as a result WE were the first to feel their wrath.

    I have ancestors who might well have fought among yours. I know one was on the Mayflower – i’ve seen the original ledger entry.

    You still have enough freedom left – lucky you! We aren’t even allowed IN to your Northwest Homeland. Since i’m 27, i don’t think i’ll bother learning how to become a brain surgeon!

    I support your efforts – wholeheartedly. It’ll no be a bloodless revolution that’s for sure – but revolution it must be. I only hope once the fires of hell are set alight there the heat will be felt here too.

  16. T. A. Easson
    Sep 23, 2010

    PETER –

    Aryans didn’t decide to let all that trash in – it was the KIKES that done that. We have Political Correctness here too! Scotland’s polulation is 5.2million. Outside Iceland it’s the whitest nation in the world.

  17. Steve
    Sep 23, 2010

    T. A. Easson:
    I have no such illusory view and am quite the Scottish historian. What I said was true and I’ll complete my thought by saying that the best and most rebellious of Scots generally came to the New World, where we still are, and we are still armed. The libtards and their jew handlers have tried MANY times to disarm us, but even in places like “california” where I was born, when they required registration of semi autos, well over 90% non compliance was the result. We will not be disarmed!

    We are unique.. the posterity of the Founders is still here..rebels, the adventurers, the fighters.. yes, several generations of jew garbage and oppression have taken it’s toll, but what cannot be known from far Scotland is the millions of Americans who have quietly nursed hatred and anger for all these years, and are truly ready to do something about it..finally! In the last two years Americans have bought more weapons than it would take to arm up the armies of 17 nations including China and India, and 1 BILLION rds of ammo per month! Watch the fireworks from afar or come here somehow *and join us*

  18. T. A. Easson
    Sep 24, 2010

    Good message Steven. Gott Mit Uns.

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