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Questions for RFN FAQ

Hi, guys:

Okay, barring some really major Edgar Steele-related or other development, I intend to make next week’s Radio Free Northwest the FAQ broadcast, wherein I cover all the basic nay-says, questions, yes-buts, quibbles, and cavils, so that I hopefully won’t have to constantly repeat the same things over…and over…and over…and over again on the show.

I will deal with the following sidetracks (note I do not say “heresies” or “errors” or “idiocies.” I am trying to be sweetness and light):

*Northwest Migration as Run Away And Hide In A Wee Cabin In The North Woods Where Obama Can’t Find Us.

*Northwest Migration as pure survival rather than political confrontation;

*The “Beaver Cleaverville” idea: Northwest Migration as find some little isolated town in Idaho and build a 1950s theme park complete with white bread, Ozzie Nelson cardigans, bobbi sox, some good whitewashed Protestant church on Sundays, the red white and blue, and the whole Pat Boone scenario. Also known as the Brady Bunch Fantasy, i.e. the idea that we can somehow turn back the clock.

*The Tea Party Error: all economics and no race.

*The American Renaissance Error: all niggers and spics and no Jews.

*The Why Not Extend The Northwest Republic to Everything West Of The Mississippi So I Don’t Have To Move cavil;

Okay, guys, what else should I cover in this one so that we don’t have to keep on going over these things again and again on future RFNs? Let me hear your suggestions. I want to cover as much as possible here,



  1. NAR Exposer.
    Sep 18, 2010

    Ooga booga! Ooga booga!

  2. Steve
    Sep 18, 2010

    How about the David Duke comments against a NAR where he stated that if we became somewhat successful and did finally secede, ZOG would just nuke us? And the associated “ZOG is too powerful to fight” mantra?

  3. Steve
    Sep 18, 2010

    Also, were it me I would not allow BS comments here, like the moron above me .. they just take up bandwidth

  4. Harold
    Sep 18, 2010

    Actually, Steve, that was me messing around. The “poster” whom I creatively edited is Dann Dobson, a homosexual Jew using the alias of a man named Harlan Markwalder. Markwalder was an eccentric old man who lived in a trailer in Maiden, N.C. and used to post some pretty weird internet crap himself, but he died some time ago and Dobson appropriated his moniker.

    I’m sorry, I know it’s infantile, but even I am not immune to the internet’s Fountain of Childishness sometimes.

  5. T. A. EaSSon
    Sep 21, 2010

    One important point: PRESTIGE!

    Harold, please keep to just one show a week, because if you cave in to demands and start doing mor ethan one, you’ll lose prestige. Keep them begging Harold! I suppose to be diplomatic you could extend the current 1 hr show to 90mins it’s really necessary. I think the frozen american mind will be able to handle “RFN, once a week, Thurday evening”. Anything more would confuse them.

    Unrelated PS; I’ve bought your Northwest Novels and loved them! The Brigade was masterly!

    All the very best from Southwest Scotland Harold!

  6. Steve
    Sep 23, 2010

    I suppose it was an improvement, HAC

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