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Northwestfront.org Site Stats

Hi, guys:

        Okay, after some thought, maybe Im going at this site stat thing from the wrong angle. Lets try this: our stats for the calendar month of August were:

        Total visitors: 9,433

        First time visitors: 6,958

         Returning visitors: 2,475

         Page loads: 21,713

        First time visitors is the key figure, of course. Lets see if we can start by at least breaking 8,000 in September, okay?



  1. John Seaforth
    Sep 09, 2010

    I occasionally post a few links to your radio podcasts on facebook, but one must be cautious. After recently sending about 6 or 7 messages to unsuspecting members facebook blocked my messaging for 2 days and warned me. Best way is to break it up and send only 2 or 3 messages at one time and with different titles etc. I also always ask people to pass it on if they like it.

  2. jessejayd
    Sep 12, 2010

    If we really want to succeed and secede, then we must post to our FB wall, Twitter, tell all friends and family put fliers around town, and on peoples doors(Preferably if known as white), talk to white neighbors, etc. “Or do we want the others to beat us”(I think not) DON’T BE AFRAID OF POPULAR OPINION! If you are scared that an immigrant or gang member will be hostile then travel with a white supremacist group or group of friends.

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