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Tricolor Display

Hi, guys:

Just a reminder to those of you trying to create Northwest graphicsthe Tricolor runs from left to right: blue, white, and green. The blue bar goes to the flagstaff.



  1. Merlin Reichert
    Sep 01, 2010

    is the NW tricolor set in stone, or can it be modified into something like the vinland flag?


  2. Mr. Maelstrom
    Sep 03, 2010

    It’s a beautiful flag. Why change it? There’s something to be said for tradition. While this particular tradition might not be long standing, it’s been with us for several years now. Also, there are books in which this flag plays an important role. I wish the stripes were aligned horizontally but the African nation of Sierra Leone – of all places – beat us to that one.

  3. Me
    Sep 04, 2010

    For those of us in the struggle, it has been a long time coming. A flag that represents all of us at the very basic.

  4. Bill Stofer
    Sep 15, 2010

    We have the tricolor flags for sale.
    More styles and materials coming soon!

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