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Pam Bailey Update

August 19th, 2010  [This was just received here, so it was held up for at least a week by the camp guards. – HAC]  Dear Harold:      Thank you for your note and kind words of encouragement. I received it tonight, so at least it wasn’t too delayed. Much of my mail of late hasn’t […]

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Tricolor Display

Hi, guys: Just a reminder to those of you trying to create Northwest graphics—the Tricolor runs from left to right: blue, white, and green. The blue bar goes to the flagstaff. -HAC

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We Broke 3,000 This Week

Hi, guys: Our site stats for for the week ending August 26th are: Unique hits – 3,010 First time visitors – 2,283 Return visitors – 727 Pageloads – 6,627 Whatever you guys are doing out there, keep it up. Let’s see if we can inch that hit number a little higher every week. -HAC

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Radio Free Northwest – August 26th 2010

In this episode Mr. Covington describes his first encounter with Obamacare, talks about what defines a Class A White Nationalist, and reads the late Order comrade Bruce Pierce’s last article, “Chryalis.”

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Weekly Site Stats

Hi, guys: Our weekly site stats on for August 19th (Thursday to Thursday to pick up on the RFN surge) are Page loads – 5,605 Unique visitors – 2,538 That’s the best we’ve done so far, although of course judging by the heckles some of those visitors are niggers, Jew, or hostile idiots. Let’s […]

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Ad Lib, Yea or Nay?

How did I do on the Radio Free Northwest ad lib this time around, guys? Should I continue to diddle with it or should I stick to a script?

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Radio Free Northwest – August 19th 2010

In this episode Mr. Covington talks about the Hal Turner case, gives potential settlers a rundown on Northwest weather, and he discusses the creation (or not) of an NF General Headquarters unit.

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The Economy in the NAR

People ask how the Northwest American Republic would deal with economic issues. Check out:

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Edgar Steele Is Doomed

From: XXXX XXXXX [mailto:] Sent: Saturday, August 14, 2010 1:22 PM To: Northwest Net Subject: Re: Think Before You Rat You know as well as I do that ANYBODY that is called a Racist will loose a jury trial. Edgar J. Steele is fucked big time just like anybody else that commits the racist thought crime. […]

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Be Still My Twittering Heart

Hi, guys: Okay, as part of my program to try and get more internet exposure, I am back to messing with Twitter. I have managed to accumulate 11 followers over the past year. For the record, my Twitter is Jerry Reb and my Facebook is harold.covington. -HAC

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