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Re-Appearing Act

The official story is now that Ed Steele never left the Spokane County jail, and that his incommunicado period of some weeks in June and early July is now a non-event.

All those deputies telling people on the phone that Ed had been removed by the U.S. Marshalls, all the visitors turned away, all the official denials and claims of ignorance as to Edgar Steele’s whereabouts, the lack of phone calls to friends and supporters, the general air of stonewalling and obfuscation that went on for weeks as to just where the hell Steele was–never happened. Rite-wing paranoia. You’re all crazy.

Of course we are.

According to another web site, Steele has been successfully visited by an unnamed individual. The write-up of this visit was sparse, my guess being because there were guards hovering in earshot and nothing of importance could be said.

According to Kelsey Steele, her father may be contacted at the following address:

Edgar J. Steele #361857
1100 West Mallon
Spokane, WA 99260-0320
Jail phone 509-477-2278

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  1. phil white
    Jul 19, 2010

    Yea, it’s a Byzantine world we live in, or as the Chinese say….
    And you never know what to think, who to believe or which way to jump

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