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Ed Steele and Mel Gibson

It now appears that the famous Mel Gibson Nigger tapes, allegedly recorded when he was on the phone with his Russian girl friend, have been examined by professional forensic audio experts who have stated that in their opinion the recordings were tampered with and are fraudulent.


The implications for the Edgar Steele case are obvious.


  1. Tony
    Jul 24, 2010

    The Gibson and Steele tapes have nothing in common. The original Gibson tapes have never been examined (not that he’s disputing anything anyway) while the tapes that you will hear at Steele’s trial will be the original.

    Since he’s a lawyer, I don’t see why he wouldn’t or couldn’t have them authenticated. The FBI isn’t stupid. They are not going to edit them like a gossip site would.

  2. Sanya
    Jul 24, 2010

    Well, speaking of Mel. I still cannot get into my head HOW in’da’Hell SUCH fellow end-up with that …? Was he forced to get into this crap after divorce? Is this is some kind of jewish punishment for his remarks? I cannot believe he apologized to those suckups before “Apocalipto”. Listen, Mel. “U’re pretty darn rich fellow. Screw those thugs in Hollywood and say what you feel.
    And please cut those biatches off along the way. Lemme know if u need to meet right woman – I’ll teach u how to pick real Russian gal, not a whore.”

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