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Smuggling Books Into Germany

Hi Harold,   It sounds like you are lucky to get the books back.   I have some experience sending things through German Customs having worked with a contra banned skinhead music label a good friend ran a few years back and I know there are things that they will not even give hardly a glance […]

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Verboten in the Fatherland

As those of you on the Northwest Revolution list are aware, when I tried to send Ernst Zundel a Northwest Quartet they came back shrink-wrapped from German customs with all kinds of nasty green stickers in German on them about hate and forbidden material, etc. I’m not sure whether this was because I was sending […]

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Scouting The Homeland

Top 5 Criteria:   Let me put a quick disclaimer on my thinking. I started looking before the economic crunch, so jobs were assumed anywhere I went within reason. Now this might be an underlying deciding factor whereever I choose.     I live in Louisiana,which is flat, semi-tropical, and I live in a midsized suburban […]

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Interested in Pacific NW

Mr. Covington, How are you, sir? First I would like to thank you for the introductory packet that you sent. The Radio Free Northwest podcasts are also excellent, please keep them coming! I don’t spend alot of time on this infernal machine, as family, work and religious duties keep me quite busy. I just wanted […]

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Great RFN #19

The part of your talk relating to dealing with the FBI was superb. Along those lines, you may benefit from this (long) lecture by a law professor as to why one should never talk to the police, even if they are good, well-meaning local cops. He is even more adamant about it than you were. […]

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Sorry, My Bad

I realize I need to do a better job of keeping this blog up. I could use a few more responses on my question from #18, i.e. what exactly do you need to see from the NF, always bearing in mind our practical limitations (like not having two dimes to rub together) that will keep […]

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Radio Free Northwest #19 – June 3rd 2010

In this podcast I talk about dealing with our friends in the silk suits when they come to call, re-play some old Fireside Chats, and talk about the concept of the “good Jew.”

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