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White Rabbit

Harold: Couple of comments. Another good podcast. I think you might want to address ‘White Rabbit’ I’ve been seeing, increasingly, this commentators points and references being quoted in the white nationalist community. It’s obtuse commentary, thick with geopolitical analysis, and some paranormal. But his geopolitical analysis is very good, and very convincing. The net […]

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Sorry, Slacking Off Again

I apologize for once again slacking off on this blog, but I really am busy and accordingly forgetful. Got to prepare for another meeting tomorrow, in fact. I really do need that assistant I keep maundering about, but pretty clearly he or she isn’t going to make an appearance. That would be a good way […]

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Radio Free Northwest – June 17th 2010

In this episode I do a TV review, I advise a young White man on joining the U. S. military, I talk about the economy, and discuss seven good reasons why White people need to Come Home right away.

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Three Years On This One

Dear HAC,   I started listening to your podcasts 3 or 4 weeks ago. I finished The Brigade and am working my way through A Distant Thunder. Once I have read all four novels and have some grasp of the general plans already imagined I will then put my mind to how to help you […]

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Weird Aryan History Series

Hello Mr Covington,   My answer is Yes please! Still being something of a newby as far as White awareness goes, I’m definitely interested in the Weird Aryan History Series.   Anything less than 20 mb per day is acceptable to me (still on dial-up for now) and I will read them. Pity I’m trapped in […]

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Thanks To HAC

[I sent an e-mail to this comrade thanking him for a dues payment. – HAC] No thanks needed.  The fact is, I owe you more than I can say.  Not only have you revealed the Butler Plan to my wife and I, by which we have hope for a future for our son in the […]

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Short Shot #1

Hello Mr Covington,   Just a very quick reply as I’ve got to be out soon and daren’t miss my train.   I think you’ve got the script exactly right for general distribution. It says what needs to be said in a way that shouldn’t antagonise the “anti-racist” sheeple too much. That shouldn’t matter of […]

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Whites the Vanguard

Greetings, Comrade. White people have always been the vanguard of humanity.  We have been the explorers, the ones who pushed the envelope, the ones who jumped first, sometimes without looking.  We were destined to rule the planets, and eventually the stars would be dust in our hands and immortality our destination.   But, all this […]

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RFN #20 Nailed It

Hey Mr. Covington, I have only started listening to RFN 20 and you nailed it again. I was explaining to Ben today on the phone that when I went to hear Mr. Sunic speak it was being held at a regular meeting hall. This is what I wanted to discuss with you when I saw […]

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Radio Free Northwest – June 10th, 2010

HAC explains what makes the Northwest Front different from other groups, talks about Skype, defends himself against accusations of “negativity” and speaks of what lies in store for White people here in the Northwest.

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