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No Short Shot This Week

Hi, guys:

Okay, this is End of the Month Rush where I have to not only get a Radio Free Northwest out by Thursday night but I have to print, fold, staple, stuff, stamp, and mail an issue of Northwest Observer, so I’m going to be a bit stacked up this week and probably won’t be able to do a third short shot until the weekend sometime.


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  1. Mr. Nobody
    Jun 29, 2010

    Heads up!

    Jim Giles is a big fan of the movie, Michael Collins. He was referred to it by Pastor Marty, who obviously was inspired by your comments for this movie.

    Giles is also asking questions about a White Racial Homeland, and asked if anyone has any ideas for a Constitution for such a homeland.

    He is also working through the issues we face, collectively, and realizes family and Race are the foundation of the nation.

    Care to link him to the Republic’s Constitution’s web page?

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