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Interesting Resume

A prospective migrant sent this resume today. Just to show that we are attracting some real people besides T-shirt youth and little old ladies in tennis shoes of both sexes.

DOB  [redacted]

City of birth [redacted]

SSAN [redacted]

     I am of Scottish/Norse  heritage. I have red hair and green eyes that change color from  ( green-hazel-blue ), I am  an ex-police officer of 5 years ,  ex-Klan member (Southern White Knights. )  I  am current Minute Man Civil Defense Corps member. I have a current  concealed carry,  current  C & R  FFL. I am  a school trained electrician, school trained welder/fabricator, gunsmith,  Class  A  (OTR)  truck driver. I am currently employed  with a military contract  as a mechanic.  I have included  a photo of myself and my current gunsmith projects. My cell is [redacted]  Leave a message: I do not answer  the phone if I do not recognize the number .

Okay, we need to A) get this guy to actually COME HOME, and B) find 999 more like him.


  1. Mr. Nobody
    Jun 25, 2010

    Some quick observations.

    On VNN’s main page – not VNN/F – if you scroll down and look at the listing for the most popular posts, you will discover that number two, for the year, is an Open Thread.

    Click on it.

    The topic is the Northwest Republic, and the feasibility of same.

    That is the second – probably the first – most popular topic on VNN.

    People are looking around at their lives, and are in agreement that “it’s just not working.”

    The gentleman who wrote to you above probably feels that way, and you have provided the way Out of this.

    Two, Douglas MacKinnon, a very respected Conservative Establishment writer, wrote a novel called America’s Last Days. It ends with a mad rush for the new Republic of Jefferson, located in, yes, the same Northwest you describe as OUR Racial Homeland.

    What is this famed Conservative writer describing as something to which the future of America flees with all of its belongings in their cars, and on the roofs of their cars? What could attract a people with nothing, and nothing to lose, as a chance to Start Over from pretty much scratch?

    Why, Harold – it’s a Northwest Republic!

    Three, Colin Jordan wrote some great material on defining the outlines of an NS State. Might help in your next book.

  2. phil white
    Jun 25, 2010

    Mr. Nobody:

    what is the web address for the blog you are talking about?
    I’m familiar with vnnforum.com. Is it a link from the forum? I didn’t see any link to a “main page”
    I’d like to read some of what you are talking about.

  3. Colonel House
    Jun 25, 2010

    @Phil White

    scroll down about 20%

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