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Edgar Steele

I wonder if a judge would declare it witness tampering and intimidation, and deny bail if the individual had been a leftist or minority? I just hope that the scumbag’s allegation that Mrs Steele was having an affair is not true because if it is, it will present a motive for having her bumped off, and motivate her to drop him in the grease so she & her new dick can live up his $$ while he rots or dies in the monkey cage.

The feds always make sure that truth tellers & WN’s get special treatment while in their custody, and they are going for federal charges against him. After all, it was the feds who wanted him.

He joins a long list of WNs & Palestinian activists who have been bumped off by the Jews in one way or another, and his example will serve well to keep others quiet. The judge has declared that he intimidated a witness for telling his wife he is innocent, but his whole prosecution is for the purpose of intimidating the American public and shutting up all Patriots, WNs, Christians, & Constitutionalists who may criticize Obongo & the leftist NWO agenda.

Keep looking over your shoulder. Eli James, who is another of my heroes, recently stated that he is glad that the FBI & ADL are following so he knows that he is not paranoid! Tolerance is the last virtue of a dying society, and many sick things are tolerated in this depraved society, but the truth is not one of them!


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  1. phil white
    Jun 24, 2010

    Holly wood made a least one hatchet job of a movie on the IRA and their connection to the Palestinian movement.
    How did the IRA/jewish fued get started??
    I’m more of a Sein Fein type myself.

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