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Checking In

Greetings Harold,

Still in the land of the living, trying to make a living, such as it is in Obongoland.

RFNs are unbelievably – actually believably – to the point. Keep ’em coming. The Northwest Front website looks great.

I find that people are very slow to wake up, and I mean very, and I can’t open up too much info at a time, but must leave a trail of crumbs so they will ask for more. One thing positive about this present Zio-government of Obama is that I find that people are beginning to admit that white folks are becoming an endangered species. I have introduced numerous friends into armed self defense which they are eagerly taking up. This is one venue that opens up their minds to the greater dangers and to further info. I find that there more than a few friends have concealed carry permits, but have up to now been very quiet about it. Others are going for theirs. A year ago I didn’t know I knew anybody with one, but it turns out I did, and didn’t know they had a permit much less a firearm.

I find its easier to start people on James Wesley Rawles “Patriots” or “Molon Labe”. They get a pretty good picture of the possible/probable future. Then we can go on the the 4 novels. The National Socialist thing is still a great stigma in general in most people’s mind – skinheads, Nazi flags, kookie looking people, etc.

In my reading over the last year, it looks to me like the real war criminals of WW II were Churchill, Roosevelt, Eisenhower, etc. and their Zio advisors and handlers. I always suspected they killed Gen. Patton, long a hero of mine. I read both volumes of the “Patton Papers” when they came out in the 70’s. I understood then that he wasn’t fond of the Jews.

Well, enough for now.

-J. B.

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