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Checking In

Greetings Harold, Still in the land of the living, trying to make a living, such as it is in Obongoland. RFNs are unbelievably – actually believably – to the point. Keep ’em coming. The Northwest Front website looks great. I find that people are very slow to wake up, and I mean very, and I […]

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Radio Free Northwest – July 1st 2010

This week Mr. Covington talks more about the Edgar Steele case, gives advice on White immigration to the United States, and speculates on the origin of Aryan man.

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No Short Shot This Week

Hi, guys: Okay, this is End of the Month Rush where I have to not only get a Radio Free Northwest out by Thursday night but I have to print, fold, staple, stuff, stamp, and mail an issue of Northwest Observer, so I’m going to be a bit stacked up this week and probably won’t […]

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Guest Commentators on Radio Free Northwest

Hi, guys:            Nowhere is it chiseled in granite that Radio Free Northwest has to be some kind of one man band. I would like to get some more participation, if only to show that there is in fact more than one of us, and I am sure people are getting a bit tired of […]

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Edgar Steele’s Address

Hi, guys:            Edgar Steele’s current mailing address is:            Edgar J. Steele #1000016623           Spokane County Jail           1100 West Mallon           Spokane, WA. 99260-0320            It should be born in mind that Ed is in federal custody, which is odd in itself, because criminal solicitation to commit murder is usually a state offense. […]

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Interesting Resume

A prospective migrant sent this resume today. Just to show that we are attracting some real people besides T-shirt youth and little old ladies in tennis shoes of both sexes. DOB  [redacted] City of birth [redacted] SSAN [redacted]      I am of Scottish/Norse  heritage. I have red hair and green eyes that change color from  ( […]

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Edgar Steele

I wonder if a judge would declare it witness tampering and intimidation, and deny bail if the individual had been a leftist or minority? I just hope that the scumbag’s allegation that Mrs Steele was having an affair is not true because if it is, it will present a motive for having her bumped off, […]

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Radio Free Northwest – June 24th 2010

In this podcast HAC talks about the Holocaust Hoax, offers some advice to our comrades in Europe, and gives us a glimpse of the long term game plan for the Northwest Front.

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Typical Response Off Web Site

Hello Mr. Covington,   My name is Mike and I’m from Hazleton, PA. I have read your novel The Brigade and found it very enlightening, informative, inspiring, and entertaining. I now own a copy of A Distant Thunder and I am very much looking forward to reading it. I have also been listening to your […]

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Mellows or No Mellows?

Hi, guys: Need a quick poll here. By now most of you have heard my first two “short shots.” Should I retain any music at all on these? I have had some people claim that it is too distracting, and also that “Volunteers” is too lefty, which it is, of course. Being a Sixties retread […]

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