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Typical Response

[Getting a LOT of these. – HAC]

I want to start by saying that you all are at the top of the list when it comes to intelligence. I wish at least 5 percent of the other speakers and alleged activist groups would follow your lead. I am looking into law schools in the Northwest and pray that I will be around others with the same ideology, but either way I will make it so through my own means. I have wrote articles, made protests, wrote government, stood against the oppressors in schools, and so on, as well as other things to remain true to the causes.

What I really want to get at is being a point of contact for you in my region which at the time is Kentucky as well as my activism in surrounding states. Whatever I can do to help is enough for me of course. I am a family man, student, blue collar worker, and activist still. Colleges have even tried to kick me out for my activism, but I continue on to stand tall. I am a great writer it seems to many, and would be more than happy to also write articles or gather ones at least from my region for anyone able to use them which pertains to pointing out reasons for the cause.

I was wondering if I may go on a sticker campaign in this region to point people to the Northwest Front. I will make them myself or use the ideas by Northwest Front. the reason i ask for the permission to do so is because stickers and fliers have been quite useful on campuses here, but do not want to give advertising to the groups here that are basically idiots. I can be contacted by my school email and will then respond with a cell number included as well as pictures, recommendations, and examples of work if any of this sounds decent to you.

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