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Some Good News and Some Bad News

Hi, guys:

           I’ve got some good news and some bad news.

           The bad news is that we’re going to have to stop sending out big, heavy packets of information, including White Books, to new contacts.

           The good news is that we have to stop doing this because we are getting too many inquiries and we can no longer afford a huge pack of literature and almost $10.00 a pop for a Priority Mail packet.

          Since the Radio Free Northwest podcasts started, we’ve experienced an incredible spike in initial contact requests. Human nature being what it is, many of these will be ICI’s (Idle Curiosity Inquiries.) Of course, there’s nothing wrong with curiosity, but there are now so many people interested that we can’t load them up with everything but the kitchen sink when they ask for information on the Northwest Front. The White Books and the Priority Mail for the heavy envelope are especially costly.

          This weekend will see the last of the Big Intros go out. I mention this for those of you who just ordered yours yesterday. Starting Monday morning I will send new contacts an issue or two of Northwest Observer, a couple of leaflets, a business card, and a cover letter telling them they’ll have to kick in a bit for a White Book.

          It’s kind of bad psychology to ask for money in the first response, I know, but we no longer have any choice. There’s just too many people getting interested in the Northwest Front.


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  1. J.TANX
    May 06, 2010

    Well I will consider myself fortunate then;as yes I did receive a large pack from you including the white book and “General Orders” Ect. The funny part is that when I received this package it came unsolicited and as a bit of a surprise as my attention and efforts were being focussed into another NS Organization.That was some time ago and I liked what you had to say.The Whole Idea of the “Northwest Migration” along with the tactics of hands on action will be necessary are things that I fully am in sync with.
    I have moved on from the NS group I was active with.I will always be supportive to my comrades there but over all,for me and for us as a racial nation, I can do more not “Affiliated” under the spotlight. With that said, I am making my intentions known that I have interest in the”NVA” and see how we can do more for our folk and The Movement of racial and cultural survival.
    The Great Northwest is were we will make our stand!
    “WOTANS WOLVES” N.W. 14 Words for Life!

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