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We Will Create a White Homeland in the Pacific Northwest.



 I’ve also been posting the Northwest Front URL locally on Craigslist and in the comments section on news items everywhere that I think would reach people effectively. 

 Interestingly, I actually succeeded in getting it up on AmRen this week. It was in reply to a story about how supposedly this year, non-white births will overtake white births in the US. I guess they were either panicked enough or outraged enough to finally allow me to advertise. 

 The standard wording I use when I post, goes “Help build a land where our future generations would be raised in the safety and dignity that our ancestors intended. Please visit www.northwestfront.org”  I also sometimes preface that with some general statement about the decline of the quality of our daily existence when compared with our childhood, or that of generations past, while being careful not to come on too strong. 

 I am trying to attract people who are becoming racially aware, but may not be quite there yet.  Anyway, I wondered what you think of that or perhaps establishing some other sort of standard message to post everywhere along with the URL. Or, if you think that one is good enough, pass it along to everyone else so they can start leaving it everywhere.



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