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Some Good News and Some Bad News

Hi, guys:            I’ve got some good news and some bad news.            The bad news is that we’re going to have to stop sending out big, heavy packets of information, including White Books, to new contacts.            The good news is that we have to stop doing this because we are getting too many […]

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More RFN #9 Feedback

Dear HAC-            If you can keep up this kind of fever-pitched rhetoric, I have no doubt that the NF can break into the consciousness of the mainstream.  Check out the number of views the RFNs have received on YouTube now. Apparently Stormfront and VNN hobbyists are deigning to look at them, for a while […]

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Radio Free Northwest #9 Feedback

  Sir,             “Our ancestors tried this in 1861, and it’s time for a rematch.”              RFN #9 is by far the best so far. The second half was like a chapter from the Northwest Quartet. It pulled no punches. This is definitely what the audience is looking for. By the time you said Obongo […]

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RFN Episode 9

The Goat Dance, treason, and the moral foundations of the Northwest Front. MP3, 45.5 MB, length 49:44

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New NF Web Site

Greetings, comrades: New Northwest nationalist networking site at This one is run by our comrades in North Idaho. Join up and gab today! -HAC

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Kalispell PSA Update

Update from the April Gaede in the Kalispell Primary Settlement Area: *We have received inquiries from some well known WN musicians this week regarding relocation of their family. Will be sending them local information and helping them plan a preliminary visit this summer. *My husband and I will be meeting with a new comrade who […]

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Listen Up, People

Hi, guys:            Some of you have told me that you cannot hear my podcasts or my Fireside Chats because your computers are old, because you have no sound card, or your sound card is broken, or you have no speakers, or your speakers are broken, or you’re on dial-up, or whatever.            Guys, you […]

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On RFN #8

Another great podcast. The takeaway idea for me was the example of Israel, fomenting their future nationhood years before it actually took place. I’d never thought of that as a possible example. If you have more to say on this topic, I’d like to hear it. Love the bluegrass. Also, your humor is outstanding…I had […]

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Episode 8

Answers to questions about conspiracy theories, White self reliance, and the future of the NF itself.

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Typical Inquiry Letter

I came across your plan and personally was  very interested. First a little history about myself. 1) My great great grandfather was a confederate congressman out of Alabama. My name is in the book who’s who of the Confederacy. Not too popular of a backgroundthese days. 2) I was in high school in Dallas Texas […]

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