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I’m taking a law class at school right now, and for the past couple days we’ve looked at Amsterdam, with the indecent society there of prostitution and drugs, the Old South (they didn’t put it that way) with the forced segregation on our historic White brothers and sisters with this bullshit desegregation policy, and today we looked at minority rights and especially World War Two and the Nuremburg trials.

This is absolute fucking bullshit. This is kike-enforced kosher fucking bullshit that’s being forced on these white kids. I can’t take it. A blonde girl in my class (who is following the kike-made stereotype of “dumb blonde”) just said to another girl:  “Is “Jew” ok to say? Like, are we allowed to say that?”

In the name of all the Aesir and the All-Father. In the name of our race and Whites worldwide, what in the name of the gods has happened to us?

I am so angry right now. I can’t take it! This class is absolutely fucking kosher bullshit being spoonfed to us through this nigger loving kike-made Jew bullshit!

My teacher even went so far as to call the “Nuremberg Trials” an example of “bad” laws (eugenics laws in Nazi Germany) and how “bad” things can still be legal.

How the FUCK can these people do this? Don’t they realize that this is our RACE!?

But I’ll calm down for a moment…

I apologize for my language. I just can’t convey my feelings adequately through simple type and email alone.

I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to Coming Home, Harold. I really, really can’t.  I am literally on the verge of tears for how our racial brothers and sisters are being demonized by this kike curriculum.

Once more I apologize for my language, if we were speaking in person I promise I would be more dignified.

Thank you for giving me hope and cause for our race,



It is said that the last refuge of pure Marxism on earth is not Cuba or North Korea, but the Western university campus.



  1. Raziel Bloodfang
    Feb 04, 2010

    true. even in my school, greed induced Marxist thoughts are being brainwashed into the youth. It si truly a sad age indeed.

  2. Colonel House
    Feb 05, 2010

    It’s difficult to say what an individual should do when this occurs in your personal life, especially at university when anti-White, racist, Marxists hold your future in their hands. To speak up means a failing grade, since “the truth is no defense” and to listen to that pap is out of the question. At Central Washington University I chose to ditch the entire course and came back only to take the final exam. I knew nothing of the subject matter and wrote a long meandering Marxist diatribe using every leftist cliche I could think of, and got a C.

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