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Hi, guys:

         It has been suggested (politely) to me that my Northwest Revolution news commentaries are basically boring rite-wing drivel and I need to concentrate on A) More radical stuff and B) what the NF itself is doing rather than engaging in news commentary.

         Okay, I can see this comrade’s point. One of the reasons I send out the NRs is to hone my political dialectic skills a bit and demonstrate that we can address larger overall issues as well as “ah hates a gawd damn nigger,” but maybe I’m not accomplishing that as well as I might. Another reason is so that you hear from me regularly and you know I’m at least attempting to do a political and racial job for you, and I’m not just sitting around watching porno videos or whatever the latest “Movement” scuttlebutt off VNN is.

       What I think I’ll do is establish a separate Northwest Revolution list for those of you who wish to receive the news commentaries. Let me know if you want to be on the list, otherwise I won’t fill up your e-mail boxes with stuff you don’t want to read. And I would also like to thank the comrade who brought his views to me. I am always open to constructive criticism.


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