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Letter To Pam Bailey

Pamela Bailey #14705513

24499 SW Grahams Ferry Road

Wilsonville, OR. 97070

 Dear Pam:

          Thanks for your recent letter. It’s always good to know you’re still alive and you haven’t been thrown into the hole for politically incorrect exercising.

          Your latest mail rejection occurred last week when I attempted to send you a manuscript photocopy of the 1920s racial classic, Lothrop Stoddard’s The Rising Tide of Color. There was no formal rejection slip inside the envelope (they don’t even bother with those any more.) Someone scribbled on the outside “books must be in publication form” and that was it.

           They are also beginning to kick back Cyndy Smith’s mail down in Chowchilla. She got her Brigade all right, and she tells me there is still a line of White women outside her cell, figuratively speaking, waiting to read the book. Then I attempted to send her a copy of A Mighty Fortress and they sent it back after about a month with a notation “no bubble wrap.” This is bizarre, because I seem to recall that I never had any trouble getting you books when you were in Chowchilla, including a number of them in bubble-wrapped envelopes. I have re-mailed the copy of AMF in a Priority Mail box.

           I think somebody is getting nervous about our material getting into women’s prisons, but they haven’t quite nerved themselves to simply ban it. Maybe they’re afraid we might be able to afford attorneys. I’ve had stuff sent back from men’s prisons before, but there it seems to be completely arbitrary. This is happening so often it’s starting to look like deliberate policy.

           Hang in there, comrade.


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