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Letter From Detroit

[I informed this comrade in Detroit that his mail was being returned marked “Undeliverable, unable to forward. – HAC]

Yeah, this has been going on since December.  My house  (which I’ve lived in my entire life) is in foreclosure and will be seized by Wayne County at the end of March.

Basically, one of my neighbors is stirring up shit with one of the mail carriers whom she is friends with.  I’m the last white person for about nine city blocks, and these fucking coons are doing everything to drive me out.

So, my water bill doesn’t get delivered.  Same for for my other mail.  The window on my outer front door get busted, they’re little nigglets try to knock over my garbage receptical before the truck comes down the street, they leave liquor bottle in my driveway for me to drive over.  Typical little nigger coward behavior.

The only thing that stops me from physically retaliating, is knowing that I’ll be someplace better, they’ll die in their little  rustbelt Congo.  The munts can have a grand old tribal celebration once the “bahss” is gone, and then choke on each other’s bones.

I won’t go into a long story, but I’ll only say that it wasn’t always this way.  Once upon a time, my neighborhood was a modest, but decent place to live for blue collar white families.  That changed overnight in 1984, and you could probably guess why.

Anyway, if you could hold onto it for a couple days, I’ll establish a P.O. box and send you the new address.  I’m looking into a short-term place to stay out in the Olympic PSA and figure I’ll just hit the ground running where a jobsearch is concerned.  I’ll be in touch when I make it out.  I’m liking the podcasts, BTW.  They’re a boost for those of us who haven’t made it home yet.

-C. M.

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