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Letter from Corvallis

As far as I can recall I sent it to nwnet@earthlink.net. No matter, a channel of communication is opened, which is all that I was concerned about. 
I gather the interviewer from Occidental Quarterly got in some hot water for publishing the interview with you.  I truly believe that the conservatives in this movement of ours are at least as dangerous as the enemy himself.  Do they think that by being polite and censoring the “radicals” the grim reaper will pass them by?
Trouble is, it’s a lot of work finding people to work with that are trustworthy. I think a lot of people are either too cowardly,  don’t want to put out the effort, or they simply don’t possess, or wish to develop the requisite people skills. 
I was looking over your reading list, a lot of titles I have and some I don’t. I hadn’t encountered Tucker’s “Stalin in Power” before. An outstanding book.
K. T.

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