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Letter from Boston

I feel like the domesticated goose that runs down the runway, flapping his wings, cackling and just when all the wild geese take flight…… I go silent and waddle back to my feeder.

I have a family of 4 and I can’t muster the courage to leave my secure job (fire captain in Boston), and go out where I should be. I am not a racist (you will be – HAC) but I am a white survivalist. I don’t see blacks as a threat (you will – HAC) as a lot of you do, I see the vilest of enemies in the Jew (bingo!) who is using the black race to divide, and mud down the White race.

It’s my opinion we have to put the black people in touch with the way they are being used as Jew pawns, (if we really are more intelligent than they) and together destroy the most formidable parasitic race of all time. Then we can put things back in their proper places and get back to Nature’s Eternal Religion. I wish all you people nothing but success as my gene pool depends on it. If I can find a way out with an early retirement, I’ll be out there with the rest of you.

Take care,

K. C.

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  1. dtk
    Feb 10, 2010

    “No way out except through the jew!” ~ David Lane R.I.P.


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