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NVA Attack Video #2 Back Up

Okay, the Jews on YouTube pulled down NVA Attack Video Version #2, and we were back up within 24 hours. Kudos to Comrade Herrenvolk; that was fast work. Now, Google seems to be blocking this link for some reason. I’m going to diddle with it and see if I can get it to work, but […]

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Apology From HAC

Hi, guys: I know, I know. I am way behind in e-mail and those “special articles” a few of us know about. I haven’t visited in weeks. Paper and prison correspondence? Fugheddaboudit. I just finished a two-hour Radio Free Northwest special, and now I have to leap right into the January 2011 Northwest Observer […]

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Radio Free Northwest – December 30th 2010

A special end of the year, two-hour all-music special from Radio Free Northwest.

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New Book Upload Site

HAC: The book download site has now been republished to the web.  Hopefully it will last a little longer this time. The last incarnation of this site was housed on a server in the quasi-republic of Tokelau, an ex-possession of the UK formerly known as the Union Islands.  I received notice that during a routine survey of their […]

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Likes FS So Far

Just finished my first read-through of Chapter II of Freedom’s Sons. But, I’m pissed at you, dude, and not about tobacco. I just read, “He’d probably just think he’s back on Glenn Miller’s farm,” said Morgan. And spewed coffee all over my monitor screen. I’m still chortling. Thank you for working the Cathy Frost character […]

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Second Version of “That Video”

A second version of “that video” is now up on YouTube, the work of one of our comrades in Oregon. A third is in the works; I’ve seen a preliminary version. It’s great to see Aryan creativity starting to flow here.

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Radio Free Northwest – December 23rd 2010

In this podcast Mr. Covington talks about the Christmas 1914 truce in the trenches of World War One, talks about his old Movement mentor Pastor Robert Miles, and tells some idiot on the internet what it’s all about.

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YouTube Targets NVA Video

Okay, Colonel House’s famous NVA Attack Video has been flagged by YouTube as “18 or older.” This is usually the first step toward pulling it down. The NF is working on backup channels, but nonetheless I urge all of you who have YouTube download and copying software to get your own copy before this disappears […]

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Goodbye Ice Age Columbus

Hi, guys: Okay, all you Solutrean enthusiasts out there, apparently the Discovery Channel has ceased producing and selling its seminal DVD Ice Age Columbus: Who Were The First Americans? I presume this came about due to anti-Solutrean pressure from the Left. I ordered one of the last copies available on for $19.95. I suggest […]

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More on RFN #47 Glitch

From: XXXXX [] Sent: Wednesday, December 15, 2010 7:25 PM To: Northwest Net Subject: Re: Something Wrong With Site Well, I can’t seem to reproduce any of the problems reported. The podcast plays fine for me. Fast and no download issues either. It’s possible it was a server hiccup that is now resolved. Are you […]

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