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NF Portland Developments

Greetings, Comrades:

The Northwest Front’s Portland unit may be contacted at

Northwest Front

P.O. Box 17311

Portland, OR. 97217-0311

Voicemail Phone Number


In addition, I have received another shipment of about 3,000 of the fine business cards created by our Portland crew, Anyone who wants a bulk shipment of several hundred of these cards for distribution, please let me know. But please don’t ask for them unless you really intend to distribute them.

These cards, by the way, are blank on the back and have room for a small rubber-stamped or handwritten message giving your local contact address, a slogan, whatever.


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  1. Mighty Whitey
    Jun 02, 2013

    I already left a message on the phone about needing handout material in Salem. Bryce told me to contact Bryan @ Ptld NF. We are also putting a package for Southern Oregon. I don’t mind driving up as long as the traffic isn’t bad, or I could meet some one part way. I live less than a mile from the Market St exit from I-5.
    I’ve been talking to some of the m/c guys I’ve known forever,; my kid has been talking to some of the younger guys, skins, etc, but we need stuff we can give them to take home. They aren’t likely to contact NF unless they have a reminder & contact info. Great work on the flyers! We really need our own stuff. Using materials from other groups is fine, but our own would generate more local hits. I just submitted a pretty detailed post to a Portland media site in response to some antifa harassment of a Portland NF member. Maybe they’ll even post it.

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