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HAC TOQ Interview, Part 3

Hi, guys: This is the third of the four parts of my lengthy interview with Occidental Quarterly. Hopefully Greg will publish Part 4 tomorrow, unless he takes New Year’s Day off.   There is also a passably interesting series of comments at the bottom of Part One.   -HAC

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HAC Interview, Part 2

Hi, guys: Okay, guys, I am told the link here is dead. I don’t know why, but I can’t seem to get WordPress to link today. Try cutting and pasting until I get it fixed. Here is the second part of my online interview with Occidental Quarterly: -HAC

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HAC Interview, Part One

Hi, guys: I recently did an interview with Greg Johnson of the Occidental Quarterly. He is publishing it in four parts. Here is Part One:    

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The New Forum

You know, guys, people used to rag me all the time, “Hey, Harold, why don’t you do all this work, learn new software, and set up a VBulletin Forum and then you can compete with assholes like Alex Linder and Don Black and at last give us a decent internet board, etc?” Leaving aside the […]

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Sorry, that old-time senility got into me brain again. I forgot to include the Northwest novel download site at Colonel House has it back up after the hebes knocked it off line a few weeks ago, and he has been experimenting with some new soundtracks and effects on it.

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Northwest Independence Internet Resources

WEB SITES AND BLOGS (This is Calvin’s old blog; I keep it up for the archives and the Northwest Glossary.) (The webmaster on the above is off drunk somewhere, but the old posts are interesting.) (Gentle Annie’s blog)   NORTHWEST VIDEO   TRICOLOR FLAGS AND MERCHANDISE […]

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NF Montana Report

On December 21st, members of the Kalispell, Montana PSA met at the home of April Gaede and Mark Neufeldt for celebration of the darkest night of the year. Though this night was celebrated by our ancient ancestors it is based on the scientific fact that at this time the northern hemisphere is farthest from the […]

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Get Ready

H, Powerful message. I think the only way most Americans can join this movement is to tie up loose ends and liquidate as much as they can.  People have to think ahead.  I say, work for those people now but instead of putting the money into material wealth, put it into a large, heavy safe […]

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Haroldsky Gavarit

    Have translated one of your short essays about NS (Our Socialism) into Russian and posted it on my website:     I will translate more and inform you as I post them. I discovered that our Russian comrades are pretty much uninformed about relevant developments in the West. For the time being I […]

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New Online Books

A new OCR copy of The Hill of the Ravens is now available at Coming soon: Deceived, Damned, and Defiant- The Revolutionary Writings of David Lane David Lane was arguably the best known White political prisoner of our time.  Out of print for ten years and extremely rare, Lane’s revolutionary writings are presented as […]

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