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More On Jeff Hughes

“When officers arrived, they encountered a male. Given the nature of the subject’s response to police, the members withdrew and contained the residence, requesting the attendance of the Emergency Response Team and a police service dog,” he said, without providing details of the nature of the conduct towards police or whether the male was armed.
The police did not say why a number of police officers who were there failed to overpower the man. There was no mention of the man being armed with anything


  1. Mr. Skinhead
    Oct 25, 2009

    The silver lining to this article is, that even the liberal press appears to be starting to grumble about what amounts to ZOG death squads, which are running about summarily executing folk.

  2. bryan
    Oct 26, 2009

    How Old Was Jeff?

  3. The Old Man
    Oct 26, 2009

    He was 48.

  4. Bret Maness
    Oct 29, 2009

    I know what its like, I survived mine. RIP Kamerade.

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