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The Northwest Tricolor

I perodically get asked questions about our Northwest Independence movement’s flag, the Northwest Tricolor.

Tricolors had their genesis as national flags in Europe in the nineteenth century, when flags were hand-sewn by women, and when the secret police or king’s soldiers came calling the stitches could be quickly pulled out and all you had were three innocuous strips of cloth.

The color scheme for the Northwest Tricolor is simple: Green for the land, blue for the sky above it, and White for the people who will live in between. We deliberately do not include any seals or Swastikas or crosses or krinkeljammers in the plain white field, nothing that would be sectarian or cause controversy or dissension. Just a simple Tricolor design and simple color scheme which is beautiful and can be worked into all kinds of motifs and graphics.

You can order your own handmade Tricolor flag from edelweiss88_14@yahoo.com Contact Comrade Steve for prices.

While you’re at it, you might also drop me a line at nwnet@earthlink.net and ask for a free sample copy of the latest Northwest Observer.


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