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The Missing Ingredient

Hi, guys:

Just a quick rant:

As regards repeated demands that I trot out my crystal ball and tell you all in minute, micro-managed detail “how we are going to do it”–that is to say, to those more serious questioners who are not simply coming up with all kinds of niggling little objections in order to avoid the inconvenience of moving–I say:

a) Read the four novels;

b) We do not need nor do we intend to ask the United States government’s permission;

c) The entire Northwest Imperative is based on the idea that the federal government of the United States, which is the primary enemy of freedom and of our race, is weak, and getting weaker every year.

Now, if the obsessive conspiracy-nuts are right, and if ZOG is indeed this all-powerful, omnipotent, ubiquitous, sees-all-knows-all-plans-all, invincible and pervasive tyranny that will never change, never die, and is manipulating us all secretly from behind the scenes–if they are right about all that, then obviously nothing will work, and our race and civilization is doomed to perish from the face of the earth.

Which in fact seems to be exactly the message so many of us appear to want to convey. I’m not exactly sure why so many of us seem to want to peddle nothing but doom and gloom and despondency and despair, but that’s our little “Movement” for you. Most likely it’s so that they themselves have an excuse to avoid any risk or inconvenience. We’re all doomed, so why bother? You get the idea.

But it’s pretty clear from ongoing events in Afghanistan and elsewhere that my assessment is the correct one, and not the wailing and whining of the doomsayers. Direct resistance is possible. We are seeing it every day on our television screens. ZOG is not invincible or eternal. They are getting their asses most righteously whupped while we speak.

Furthermore, strong and vibrant bodies politic have no need to pass the kind of oppressive laws we are seeing like the Patriot Act or the Military Commissions Act of 2006 or Obongo’s new hatecrime lawin order to protect themselves. A strong and free society with the consent of the governed behind it has no need for a Guantanamo Bay or legalized torture. They could afford to ignore little guys like Matt Hale and Chester Doles and Bill White.

The United States government is scared. What does this tell us?

Those little barefoot brown hadjis with nothing but AK-47s in their hands have one thing we lack. Physical courage. Pure and simple.

That’s our missing ingredient, guys. Once we re-acquire that, after the revolution we’ll all be amazed at how easy it was.



  1. R.Smith
    Sep 12, 2009

    Once again Hal, you make perfect sense.

  2. Nimadan
    Sep 17, 2009

    Hello Harold,

    Long time reader, first time caller here. Have you ever encountered Fred Reed? If you haven’t he’s hard to describe. Reed is a racially-aware, non-WN, nihilistic Vietnam vet. To a WN sensibility 75% of what he writes is hilarious and 25% is infuriating. You’d loathe his personal life (non-White women) but you’d love his take on the Forever War.

    I mention him because at the end of his July 11, 2009 column, title “Joan Baez”, Reed makes exactly the same point you’re making:

    “Recently I saw on television a black sergeant in Afghanistan, probably chosen by his commander for photogenicity, standing in front of a tank or mobile gun, I forget which. He said something scripted like “This is a such-and-such unit, the most powerful fighting force in the world.” This sort of ritual cockiness is carefully ingrained. Near my barracks in Parris Island was a sign, “The most dangerous thing in the world is a Marine rifleman.” If it had said “an ambitious colonel” it would have come closer to truth.

    But one may wonder (unless one already knows) how good the Pentagon’s military really is. A pissed-off peasant with an RPG would seem on the evidence more effective than the pricey zoom-kapows arrayed against him.

    I cannot endorse the politics of the Taliban. If one of them told me that my daughter couldn’t go to school, one of us would leave the room on a stretcher. Yet as fighting men, are they not magnificent? They have only rifles, explosives, RPGs, and balls. Their enemies have unlimited air support, helicopters, armor, artillery, sophisticated communications, night-vision gear, good food and excellent medical care. The Taliban take heavy casualties, their enemies almost none. The ragheads do not even have PX privileges. Yet they have not been defeated. A fight on even terms would last perhaps five minutes.

    This, for a trillion dollars.”


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