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The Masonic Dishrag

Question: we do all know, do we not, that the Masonic dishrag red-white-and-blue Amurrican flag which we see every day over our post offices is not the flag of a country, any country, much less our own? That it is not the flag of a people, any people, much less our own? That it is the flag of a government? And we do understand the difference, right?

We do understand that there is no relationship at all between the red, white and blue Masonic dishrag and the men who founded the United States of America in the 1780s? That the two sets of principles and ideas of then and now are not only unconnected, but diametrically opposed?

We do understand, right, that the Masonic dishrag is not our flag? That it is the flag of a foreign occupier, a government controlled by an Asiatic people that are alien to us? A government that opens our borders to the invaders and brings in the enemy among us?

Just checking.

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