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NF Stickers In Portland


          First NF sticker raids in Portland courtesy of Comrade Damian Knight and his crew. (See attached image.) He reports:
        “This sticker is placed over the sticker of (Antifa): The term antifa derives from Antifaschismus, which is German for anti-fascism. these pukes list an 800 number to turn in racists…..hammerskins,nsm and now…..the northwest front.
        “As you can see….these stickers won’t fade from the sun or rain and I’m pretty sure trying to take it off will also destroy their sticker. This sticker is located on the campus of the college when I attend school. I’m tired of seening these f’in things. Besides…..an opposing viewpoint is needed.
    “Here is their website :
http://www.geocities.com/anti_racist_punks_of_portland “
    These are the kind of outdoor-durable vinyl stickers I have wanted to see for a long time. There is a problem, though…they are extremely expensive, $40 per 100 stickers. I’d load all of you up with them otherwise. We need to work on that and see if we can not only produce quality material, but do so at a reasonable price for bulk quantity.


  1. blake
    Sep 24, 2009

    hi my name is blake and i saw that sticker you but up in front of pcc cascade. witch led me to the web site. i may not belive all the things about surtine thing. not going to say what becouse the govermant is always filtering and read whats put on the internet. but i do belive some of the things on the website. i would like to talk or meet you. email me from your email i have very high antispam protocals on my email account. hope to talk to you soon

  2. Lauren
    Apr 05, 2017

    I have also seen a lot of stickers at pcc campuses and other colleges, even by stores. They try to recruit at these places.

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