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Letter from Louis Beam

Greetings Harold,

I just finished reading your newsletter (postal) number 14.  Your “Seven Pillars of Wisdom” are excellent advice to people.  Not just those you work with but to all folk interested in doing something about the current situation in a constructive way.

Your advice matches exactly my own thinking after some 40 years of political activity (in one form or another) on my part.  I became involved in the Spring of 1969, so I think I can say that without a doubt what you recommend applies to the time we NOW live in.

Were I organizing people today, I would incorporate your pillars into my efforts.  I would suggest that those who want to remain out of jail and remain effective in the struggle—memorize number 4 and make it a way of life.

Finally, your paragraph that begins “We must change the very kind of men and women we are…” is the very key to victory at some point in time.  Without doing just that we will never win.

Louis Beam

P.S. Number 2, is an excellent example of applying “Leaderless Resistance” as I envisioned it. Like the ancient Greek Oracle at Delphi, they will come to you to listen and go away to think.

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  1. Michael Singer
    Sep 13, 2009

    Have been interested in Louis Beam since I saww his speech after Ruby Ridge in Colorado.

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