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"Gotta Get Skype!"

Hi, guys:

The latest thing I apparently “gotta get” is Skype, so that we can replace the constant tap tap tap tap tap tap tap on the internet with constant gab gab gab gab yak yak yak yak yadda yadda yadda on the internet.

Guys, I have a confession to make. I am very nervous and skeptical about doing spontaneous verbal stuff over electronic media of communication, be it the phone or internet or Skype. With e-mail, at least you have some chance to proofread the final product and control what items of information are released into cyber-space where our friends in the silk suits can pick up on them.

The problem is that when you go verbal and start conversing on Skype, or in a chat room, you fall into bull session mode. You inevitably drop your guard as the conversation progresses. You start relaxing and getting interested, and you forget where you are, so to speak. You forget that we are never alone on the internet and that everything said or posted to the internet is there forever for others to find.

You start letting things slip. You end up saying things without thinking, off the top of your head, that you shouldn’t say. Not necessarily criminal things, but bits and pieces of intel that the regime’s analysts use to put together pictures and scenarios in order to do terrible harm.

Burn this into your brain: every electronic medium of communication we use is monitored by the Organs. Most likely by the Department of Homeland Security on a day-to-day basis.

I know, it’s the great conundrum, the Catch-22 of our existence. Until we find within ourselves the resolve to band together as every other persecuted minority in history has done and live in communities, as long as we insist on living apart from one another, scattered hundreds and thousands of miles across a huge continent, then we pretty much have to use electronic communication.

We can substitute postal mail to some extent (in theory the Organs still have to get a warrant to open first class mail, I think) but really, in this day and age that’s not too practical. We have to use the phone and e-mail. All we can do is just be careful about what we talk about and never forget, we are not alone.

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