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"Gotta Get Skype", Part Deux

Skype security concerns really boil down to 2:

1. Back doors (either current or future.)
2. Buffer overflows.

There have been buffer overflows in just about every non-trivial software program. It just goes with the territory. Skype has had a couple, has been hacked, and has appeared to have fixed the program, as well as sending out notifications of the problem.

The attacks on Skype and VoIP in general, are being led by the Info-Tech Corp. who is calling for businesses to impose an outright ban of Skype. Commented senior research analyst Ross Armstrong: “The bottom line is that even a mediocre hacker could take advantage of a Skype vulnerability,” says Info-Tech.

Skype bypasses firewalls, NATs and proxies; its traffic cannot be isolated; is inherently susceptible by being P2P; and is, in one opinion, “the perfect backdoor” and may even protect zero-day attacks.

The back door issue is a little trickier. Skype could have stealthily put in a backdoor, and then hidden it in their encrypted code segments. We just don’t know. Skype has been actively recruiting Israeli software providers to work on the buffer overflow problem. The Israelis are notorious for installing secret backdoors in American communication software. I vote thumbs down.

-D. K.


Dear HAC:

I agree and I think Skype and all that stuff is a BAD idea. Also, anything ANYTHING that is posted on the internet, in text on a phone, or voice mail does NOT go away just because it is deleted, and people need to understand that.

I really think it would also be a good idea to start just getting together personally when we can. Not separately necessarily all the time, but as a group? I dunno. There are some great people already here in the homeland and none of us know each other. We are still all spread out all over the place.

-S. T.


Dear HAC:

You fall in with the Skype craze and you will end up spending your entire day gabbing on Skype (and right into the FBI microphones.) You once told me you had to hide yourself on Yahoo chat because otherwise you would simply never get any work done on line at all, because of all the people who are basically just lonely and want to have a racist friend they can talk to. Skype is basically like publishing your phone number. If people know it, they’re going to use it.

-J. D.


Dear HAC:

You’re right. The latest cyber-fad is substituting videos and audio for text, so it reduces our literacy skills even more. Instead of being put to the trouble even of composing a semi-literate e-mail, our bird-brained Beavis and Buttheads can just gabble shit out of their mouths on Skype for free. I don’t see any advantage in replacing meaningless words typed on the internet with meaningless words babbled into a Skype headset. Neither of them will persuade these people to start packing the moving van and getting their asses HERE where they’re supposed to be and where they can live in a community instead of hiding behind computers, text-wise or verbally.

-F. S.




Dear HAC:

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