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From South Africa

Hi Harold

I’m from South Africa and was the one who wrote the messages in your blog about the Northwest Homeland. Coincidentally I am from Germiston originally…

Just a few questions as per the blog. Your Northwest books are fantastic. I love your writing style. How many Northwest Homeland books have you written? Where can I get them?

How can someone like me with a family of five get into the Northwest Homeland?

David S.


Dear David:

The Northwest novels are all available from Amazon.com, which I believe ships to what’s left of South Africa.

You will have to contact the U.S. embassy and begin a long, slow, and by no means certain process of legal admittance. Essentially, this country has made it clear that it does not want White immigration, and it will throw every possible bureaucratic blockage in your way. I remember in the early 1990s when I tried to get my New Zealand girl friend into this country, we eventually had to give up and get together in London, because it was the only place where we could legally live together, the immigration crap was that bad. The only way to ensure a long and prosperous future here would be for you to paint your face brown, call yourself Rodriguez, and sneak over the Rio Grande.

You would most likely have better luck (somewhat better luck, anyway) in Canada, which recently granted official refugee status to a White South African.



  1. DavidS
    Sep 02, 2009


    I thought it would be as torturous as that…

    Maybe via Australia… which is a bit more keen to get us old white South Africans

    You should see the furore in this country amongst the blacks about the Canadian decision… like a pack of monkeys who see a leopard…

  2. Paul
    Sep 03, 2009

    Its really sad if you think about it and the way that the american public has became so inindated with this liberal peace prty bullcrap, and that the White People of this world no longer can have a safe place to call home. Makes me sick and damn pissed off. I am looking into 20 acres today when I hit spookcan and it is near 2 rivers, I will let you know , found it cheap only 47,900 so keep me in your prayers, and hope that this white man can get it before some liberal or jew bastard realizes that I am buying it and dont undercut me, or say something like DONT SELL TO THAT WHITE SCUM, and if you do I’ll TAKE ALL YOU OWN! Keep up the fight, and thanks from Athol, Idaho and the Aryan Nations

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