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Dear Me…

[Received this e-mail. I have no idea who or what GEO is.]


My name is Christopher, and I am the 2009-2010 GEO Diversity Coordinator.

We received a sticker placed on our door over the weekend which reads: “Diversity is our strength? How does diversity benefit whites? (We don’t think it does)”. Included at the bottom was the link to a website.

Both the message and the website are certainly provocative. But rather than furtive messages posted to our door, we encourage whoever printed and posted the sticker to come by our office to chat, or reply to this message. Genuine dialog is more productive and interesting than slogans.



  1. John Norman Howard
    Sep 14, 2009

    Just a head’s up for any future agitprop… capitalize ‘Whites’.

  2. J.TANX
    May 06, 2010

    Oh yea “Diversity” is a great experiment.Just look around our country and the people in it are doing just wonderful? The best part is, the reason given from the ARA/ANTIFA tards is its all Whitties fault.LOL ! You gotta laugh at this crap or it will drive ya insane with anger.This is where you figure out a proper and effective way to handle that shit.
    J. “WOTANS WOLVES” N.W. 14 Words for life!

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