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Change We CAN Believe In

[I found this in the files from last March, and I am ashamed to admit that I seem to have neglected to make a note of who sent it in. I apologize for publishing it anonymously and I invite the author to step forward and identify himself. – HAC]

Down through the history of Western civilization and the race that has made it so, one thing is certain, and that is change. Regardless of what age we find ourselves in, one thing is certain, change. Whatever nation, or empire, yet again we are presented with change. And change seems to be something the new President’s supporters enjoy reminding us of, taunting us with, and throwing in the face of all whom oppose liberal democracy and the tyranny of multiculturalism.

In this moment, in this era of change, I too propose a change. But this change is inherently different to that of which they speak. In the following lines I will explain the meaning to this change, and perhaps you will come to understand just how positive change can be as well.

A nation is organic. It is organic because it lives, thinks, moves, grows old and eventually dies. But really makes it so? The people living there. A nation must think, act, and believe as a person does. But sometimes, a nation will grow old and weak as a person does and fall to some kind of sickness.

We have come to a time when a plague has ravaged the brain of the nation, and led us to where we are today. At this point in the history of the Untied States, all that holds this ailing body together is love of money, and perhaps the entertainment media. As we face decline, two situations have been come before us. Not only will history witness the decline and fall of the United States, but with it the race who gave birth to it. The White race will vanish from the United States during the next two generations. The other issue is that not only is this process taking it toll on the White population in the US, but in Europe as well. A truly sad situation.

With this, the question must be raised, for a sick and dying nation, as so a person, what can be done? What medicine can we use to save us from this fate of decline and hence extinction? Can we vote our way out of it, can we write our senators, or e-mail the Capitol? Perhaps we can talk about it on the internet in discussion forums? No. This is definite, and in an age of instant access we are seeing history made. But, we can still change the course of our own, or at least influence the events that our time in existence has laid before us.

The proposal of a homeland for all those of White descent, a homeland for a dying people, a homeland for the sake of survival. What I am speaking of is the idea of Northwest Migration.

Northwest Migration emphasizes the obvious fact about our race’s forthcoming demise and imperative need to break loose form the spiritual and ideological bondage of the United States and form a new White nation in the Pacific Northwest, out of the three core states of Washington, Idaho, and Oregon; yet not limited to just those.

The nation that would arise as a result would be called the Northwest American Republic (N.A.R.). The idea of Northwest migration seems to have come about during the 1970’s but its exact origins are unsure. At present, Harold A. Covington is the premier advocate of the idea, with his popularly acclaimed novels on the subject, known as the Northwest Quartet. The novels depict the Northwest secession being actively carried out in the wake of governmental tyranny and monumental obstacles, but it works and through a serious white collective will to power, and after some very hard work the nation is established.

This is fiction. But is it really? I mean, white men and women can make this happen. All it requires is some work and belief.

Either way, the Northwest American Republic can be a reality if only we strive to make it so. Of course, there are doubters and skeptics whom I can understand. Why the Northwest? Why not New England? Why not North Carolina? Question of dictatorship and that of “keeping the union as it was” tend also to come about.

I will take this time to help provide these skeptics with the answer to why this is the best and perhaps only way for racial survival. I would first like to point out that the Northwest Pioneer Association, and the likewise Northwest Front have several publications out on the subject, including an entire constitution put together by its members that is both revolutionary and logical, I recommend you look into a copy.

The Pacific Northwest is a most lovely place in my opinion for a White homeland. It is not unlike Europe in its beauty, with its vast forests and snow covered mountains. Rolling hills and valleys and pastures take us back to a time of racial health.

As with all changes, this shall be a secession of both the mental and the physical realms. We need first change our minds on what can to what will be done. Now, some have said why the Northwest, why not New England where there are more White people? I dare say changes would be made and that secession is not a field of flowers, but aside from that I have much more definite answer, or two.

Aside from the fact that New England has a tad bit more White people than the Northwest, it does not have the most viable resources and methods of serving as racial life boat, if you will contra just a small nation-state. “For the entire northwest three-state settlement area, we are looking at a total of 251,342 square miles of land.” That’s a good mass of living space to support a healthy re-appearance of whites in the coming years.

Next we have the fact that an estimated population of just about 12 million people to draw from, setting aside the few “dark” spots in certain metropolitan areas. Setting those aside there are around nine million whites and with hard work and skill they can be cultivated for support of the idea. The facts that there are non-whites present should not come to surprise you, this is America- they are everywhere. But, they can be made to leave too. In the Northwest there is excellent soil, especially known as the Palouse in Washington. There are excellent mineral resources and jobs available in several major industries from blue-collar to the working man.

Others have stated that we must strive for “staying as a union” and that “secession is unthinkable” should look back to November 5th, 2008 on Black Tuesday. Think 251,342 square miles is a lot? It’s a small space that can be taken in comparison to the draconian and probably multi-generational task of taking back the crumbling edifice of America. Whatever the case may be, the Northwest homeland is entirely attainable whether it be through a Soviet-style collapse of the Untied Sates or through other active means, it is. With a population of just under three million non-whites and mostly in the cities, compared to America with its burgeoning growth in non-whites, estimated at around 100 million (not counting the estimated amounts of Illegal immigrants) I dare say the Northwest can and is attainable.

As a note of interest, I would also like to point out the fact that the idea as well as the organizations that actively pursue it are unique in this movement of ours, for we are a community of blood, not religion or ideological dominance. We believe white men and women should believe what they want, bit not let it interfere with the question of nationhood. An ironic sense of diversity if you will. A White is a white, regardless of religion or political belief. White survival transcends this barrier that so long has hurt our collective will.

I would like to take this time to thank you for reading this and I hope, with great depth, that you have taken something from this essay of mine. Something that can burn bright within the depths of your heart, and something that can re-ignite the ancient call for survival, that seems to reside in our folk so well.

In this age of loss we seemed to have watched that flame of pride and passion burn to ash, but even ash can catch turn to flame once more. Just because America may be dying does not mean the White race will, and just because Europe is on its last leg does not mean we must, too. It means that we must recognize our faults and provide a new course f direction for our people to follow, and our greatest to lead. Either way, for such a race of thinkers and idealists, we are not a race of cowards. It is my hope, my desire and my only wish in life to see the rebirth of heroism in my race, and in a new nation free of Jewish poison, and free of non-white oppression of Whites. This is not a dream, this is a reality that resides within our hearts. Make it real within, and it will be on the out as well.

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