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April Gaede on Pam Bailey

Hello All

        I would like to add that I personally know Pam Bailey and have visted her numerous times, though I did not know her previous to her incarceration. I now consider her one of my bestest friends forever and I wait for the day when she and I can sit across from each other at my kitchen table and drink a cup of tea, hike in Glacier Park or go shopping for post prison clothing….

        That said, she is true indeed and one of the best WNs that I have ever met. The circumstances surrounding her 12 year sentence are unjust. Basically she got 12 years for a fist fight with another Skinbyrd because her ex husband is a rotton piece of race traitor shit and now works for the SPLC and ADL. She lost her two sons as well as an infant daughter by being imprisoned. They are still alive but only one is being raised WN. The other is being raised by the traitor and the girl by a foster family.

        Pam is also a real knockout, regal and goddesslike, smart and strong. I cannot say enough about her. Boys don’t write to her trying to get into her panties…but she is the kind of woman whom I consider a role model for myself.

        Send her a nice card, let her know what you are doing, daily info about the outside is fun for prisoners, even mundane observations about a visit to the grocery store is welcome, try to keep the letters funa and upbeat,dont whine about how long it has been since you got laid or how we are doomed, that is not what prisoners need to hear.

        The last time I visited Pam was spring of 08, Dresden fell asleep in her arms and she cuddled and held her for the entire 2 hour visit.

-April Gaede


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