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Any Ideas?

Hi, guys.

I have a special project I can use your help with.

Normally as you know, I am very down on the endless tap tap tap tap tap of the internet, but I have a project we can all help with, and for which the internet for once is perfect. Here is your chance to be of genuine help, and without incurring any risk or inconvenience (like the annoyance and inconvenience of putting your ass where your mouth is and actually coming here) so this should get some response.

People keep complaining about the difficulties of recruiting, and our inability to reach anyone outside of our own small and dysfunctional “Movement.” I have said repeatedly that we need to break out of the bubble and start reaching into the White racial community as a whole, everywhere, but here in the Northwest Homeland especially. I have also explained the various reasons why we can’t seem to get our act together in actually doing this.

We are doing the best we can with the internet, but the primary problem is still that no one knows we are here. A few of you are finally starting to post our URLs, and hits on both our main sites, Thoughtcrime and Northwest Front, are slowly inching upward. Thoughtcrime is now up to about 600 hits per day, which is the highest it’s ever been.

But that is still mostly existing Movement people as well as niggers and other hostiles, nowhere near what we need to break out of the bubble.

The fact is that if the NF is going to start reaching a mass audience, like it or not, we are going to need Establishment media publicity. The fact is that one good newspaper article or good sound byte on CNN can make millions of people aware of the fact that we exist, reaching more of our racial brothers and sisters in a few words or a few seconds than we could reach on our own in years.

Yes, I am aware of all the pitfalls of courting media publicity, but we have to speed this process up. Progress is being made, but it’s not being made anywhere fast enough, and we’re going to still not be ready and we’ll miss our window of opportunity when it comes.

Now, the traditional Movement way of attracting Establishment media publicity is to make fools of ourselves in public, dressing up in some kind of weird costume and going out in public waving a sign in the air, all six or eight of us, and getting stoned with garbage and excrement by hundreds of so-called anti-fascist counter protesters while the bored and hostile police look at and occasionally intervene to us from actually being stomped to death by the hordes of scum.

This is out. I’ve been there, done that, paid my dues, and we are never going to do that nonsense again.

What I need from you people now is your serious, well thought out suggestions and proposals as to how the Northwest Front can begin to garner Establishment media publicity in, say, six months’ to a year’s time, in a responsible way that does not involve us acting like clowns in public, and which will not make us look like retarded morons once the editors and sound byte techs get through with us.

Try to bear in mind my own personal limitations, and also the practical financial limitations we are working under. Sure, I could think of a dozen ways we could get serious publicity, but they all require money, which we don’t have. We need to figure out some way that we can get on the front page and on the six o’clock news without money, without large numbers of people, and above all without making public fools and clowns out of ourselves.

So think long and hard about this, and let me know what you come up with. I’ll be waiting to hear from you at nwnet@earthlink.net HAC

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  1. John Norman Howard
    Sep 16, 2009

    I’m surprised we haven’t attempted this sooner, but what about a simple documentary along the lines of “Supersize Me” or (I shudder to say) the propaganda of a Michael Moore? Any college student nowadays can afford a decent video cam, and the production values don’t have to be CGI Star Wars level. A plain tale of a family who fled one of the crime-infested hellhole cities of California or wherever and decided to “come home”, as it were. Hell, they don’t even have to be overt White Nationalists themselves, although some of the people they interact with can certainly be some of the more rational members of “The Movement”. Although it obviously won’t get major distribution through normal movie house circuits, if it’s a clever enough movie, it can do just as well as the aforementioned “Supersize Me” type of documentary, and get coverage through word-of-mouth, eventually, in smaller indie film local theatres, and hopefully, eventually TV like PBS or one of the other semi-major cable channels that would show this type of documentary.

    Our enemies have been beating our brains in for decades through the movies… now technology is such that almost anyone can film a movie, and with a little imagination, create something just as successful as a Blair Witch Project, a Supersize Me, This Is Spinal Tap, or those odious ‘documentaries’ from Comrade Moore.

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