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A Sister Needs Our Help

Hi, guys:
        On Saturday, September 19th, I received a letter from long-time comrade Pamela Bailey, who is in the Coffee Creek, Oregon women’s prison (yes, Kicky McGee’s old alma mater) on a charge of “intimidating a Federal witness.” She is doing 12 years without chance of remission or parole, unless the law changes.
        The letter was dated August 28th, and was postmarked September 17th. Almost three weeks elapsed from the time Pam wrote it and the time the letter found its way into the mail. This time lapse concerns me. I have no idea what her present status is.
        The following is an excerpt from Pam’s letter:
Dear Harold,
            Greetings from the dungeon at Coffee Creek! I received your letter last week, and it was good to hear from you.
           Currently I’m in the hole, in a security cell, behind two steel doors instead of one, with a camera in the room to ensure limited communication with others. I’ll probably be heard next week, then I’ll learn how long they plan on keeping me here.
           My charges? “Unauthorized organization”, “Disobedience of direct order,” and “False information to an employee.” What did I actually do? Nothing. I was working out with two other gals on the yard. I got called into the captain’s office (a real sweetheart of a gal) was asked “what I was doing wrong on the yard?” Me: “Uh, bad form during exercise?” Apparently, it appeared that I was “leading” a group in working out, since we are all known “White supremists.” (Her words) and that apparently constitutes a Security Threat Group. The working out was an “unauthorized org.” I “should have known better,” hence the “disobeying an order.” 
            If these stick, I can be held in the hole for six months each on them.
          [Back to HAC] Some months ago, Pam was able to achieve a transfer back to Oregon from the notorious Chowchilla facility in Calfornia, which is probably the most hellish women’s prison in the country with the possible exception of the Federal facility in Alderson, West Virginia. I told her when she arrived that I recommended she submit to her captors, yes ma’am, no ma’am, three bags full ma’am, tap dance and tug the forelock, find Jesus, whatever she had to do if it meant she would get out of there one minute sooner. She refused, as follows:
          Harold, I understand and appreciate your concern, but the truth is that having access to good reading material and periodicals such as Northwest Observer keeps me motivated and optimistic despite my situation like you wouldn’t believe. Keeps me anchored and grounded so I am focused on the big picture…like Popeye, I yam what I yam and make no apologies for doing what I know is right. I knew the road would be a bumpy one when I first became aware. I’m not going to complain about it now, and I will not fail in my duty to our Folk and to our new Northwest nation for fear of what they will do to me. That being said, please continue to send the Northwest Observer…I have already received ADT, AMF and THOR from my father, and now I lack only The Brigade. [Her original copies were left behind at Chowchilla.]
          In answer to your question on the flag, in Chowchilla some other girls and I made several full-sized Tricolors out of scraps from the garment shop, but the negress and Latina guards kept confiscating them. I have already been told that I will not be allowed a flag here, but a post card or a picture might get through.
          What bothers me, like I said, is the time lapse here between the time the letter was written and the time it was delivered. Unlike other prisoners, those is her “special category” are not allowed to make collect calls like inmates in most other institutions, and she’s in the hole in any case.
          Guys, I want you to do something for me, and her. I want you to sit down, tonight, and write a brief letter or post card to
            Pamela Bailey #14705513
            Coffee Creek Women’s Correctional Center
            24499 SW Grahams Ferry Road
              Wilsonville, OR. 97070
          Nothing extreme, nothing White Power or Nationalist, just “hello, how are you doing, please write back and let me know how things are going” kind of thing. All of her incoming mail will be censored of course, but that’s kind of the idea. The objective here is to let her captors know that this woman is not alone, that their attempts to bury her alive have failed, and that there are people on the outside who know of her and who will ask questions in the event of any “unfortunate occurrence.” I know from long experience that prison authorities walk more softly with celebrity inmates or anyone they know has people on the outside who are interested and have not abandoned them.
          I have corresponded with many prisoners down through the years, and I am the first to admit that a lot of them are just con artists and bullshitters. I honestly don’t think this is the case with Pam, and no, it’s not just because she’s a woman. I get a good vibe off her letters. I think this lady is the real thing, and she deserves what little help we can give.
           Thanks, guys.

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