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NF Portland

New e-mail address for NF Portland. Contact Comrade Damian Knight:

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Northwest Video Back Up

As many of you know, YouTube recently pulled our latest Northwest independence video, presumably at the behest of the idiots at Southern Poverty Law Center, who monitor this site.         The video is now back up at the following locations:         http://www.wntube. net/play. php?vid=5508         and com/user/ NorthwestFrontPr o         WN Tube is […]

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Likes AMF

Hi HAC,           I just finished reading A Mighty Fortress. I really liked the main characters of Cody and Emily. As usual it was packed full of very important info and procedures. I had given up all hope of anything until I read these two books. (The Brigade and Mighty Fortress).          I am now […]

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Vids On Their Way Back

Both our video webmeisters have checked back in, and they tell me all the Northwest Migration and NorthQuest Pro stuff will be back on line in a few days. They’re setting up a system which should keep interference to a minimum and provide continuity, which I will describe at the appropriate time. Apparently this is […]

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We Have Been Warned

—–Original Message—–   From: Team Killer [mailto:] Sent: Saturday, September 26, 2009 12:57 PM To: Subject: NF Stay out of Portland.    

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Sunic Interview on October 20th

I have just been informed that my interview with Tom Sunic on the Northwest independence novels on Reason Radio will be broadcast on October 20th, not October 13th as previously announced.

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Irate Jew Doesn't Like Us

Hello, I was walking around my neighborhood this morning in North Portland, Oregon. My son and I were going to the library to return some books. On the way we noticed your fliers. Many of them, actually. They were all over the neighborhood. I decided to look up your site when I returned home. I […]

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It Shall Return

Our latest video will be back, one way or the other, it’s just that the artiste who created it is out of town this weekend and it may take him a while to get caught up again once he returns.

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New Radio Interview

I did Reason Radio interview this morning with Dr. Tom Sunic. Broadcast date is set for October 13th.

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The Vanishing of NorthQuest Pro

YouTube pulled the video for the catch-all “violation of terms of service.” It last all of what? Two days? Well, we’ll see how long it takes us to get it back up.

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