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Order Your Tricolor Flag Today

For your own hand-made N. A. R. Tricolor flag, contact Comrade Felix Alfarth at


and get him to discuss sizes and prices with you. These are quality products and your family for generations to come will treasure one of these first of their kind flags as priceless heirlooms. (Yes, I’m that confident.)

People constantly complain that we don’t “sell neat stuff” like the NA, Warner, etc. Well, actually…we do.  See above.

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  1. Fireyeyedpegasus
    Sep 02, 2009

    Better buy at least two of them so when some brain dead amurican figures out what it means and comes along and vandalizes it you will have an immediate replacement.

    The psychological effect of immediate replacement is much better than a delayed replacement days or weeks later.

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