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Apology Viz. Radio Free Northwest #95

Hi, guys: To my horror, the Larken Rose segment of Radio Free Northwest #95 contained some anti-Nazi horse shit. I had especially edited out this crap and yet it suddenly re-appeared in the finished version. I contacted our sound editing guy, and he told me that the quality of the version of that track I […]

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Ulster Mellows

Hi, guys: JFTR, I am quite willing to put on some Ulster music as well if anyone can steer me to some decent mp3s. I would especially like some good, high-quality flute band recordings–I’m enough of a Prod to dig lambegs, which occasionally was a source of friction with my Irish wife back in the […]

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Broke Our Record Again

Hi, guys: Broke our previous single-day record by three hits yesterday. got 1,149 unique hits, beating the record of 1,146 set two weeks ago by three hits. Oh, and our Alexa traffic ranking is 345,174, if anybody cares. That may not sound like much, but there are how many millions of websites on the […]

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Great RFN This Week!

Dear HAC and Axis Sally: WOW!!! A powerful podcast!  Especially powerful was Axis Sally’s relating the  hatecrimes against Whites (particularly the child story) and the comment on the Anthony case. Perhaps this should be a regular feature as it personalises the issues instead of speaking in generalities.  It allows people to hear, and if they […]

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Great RFN!

Dear HAC, Great RFN of June 23! Axis Sally especially adds a certain cachet to these podcasts you don’t find anywhere else. I think the difference between the political cultures of  Europe and American lies in the different histories, specifically in the 20th century. As a student of history, I’m sure you know that European […]

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Axis Sally

I’ve gotten some queries asking the identity of our latest female podcaster. We just call her Axis Sally, and you’ll be hearing more from her.

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Radio Free Northwest Deadline

Hi, guys: Radio Free Northwest may be up a little late this week, for technical reasons. Just a reminder: technically speaking, the “official” deadline for Radio Free Northwest is 8 p.m. Pacific time every Thursday. I try to get it up about noon on Wednesday, and usually I succeed, but when I do I’m actually […]

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RFN #55 Erratum and Correction

In Radio Free Northwest #55, dated February 10th, I stated that the German National Socialist financier Hjalmar Schact was executed by the Nuremberg Talmudic tribunal in 1946. This is incorrect. Schact actually died of old age in 1970. For some reason presumably having to do with ongoing senility, I seem to have confused Hjalmar Schact […]

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More on RFN #47 Glitch

From: XXXXX [] Sent: Wednesday, December 15, 2010 7:25 PM To: Northwest Net Subject: Re: Something Wrong With Site Well, I can’t seem to reproduce any of the problems reported. The podcast plays fine for me. Fast and no download issues either. It’s possible it was a server hiccup that is now resolved. Are you […]

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RFN #47 Off

Hi, guys: Those of you who are having difficulty listening to Radio Free Northwest #47 off the site, or downloading it from the server, can download the podcast from Again, I apologize for the glitch. -HAC

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