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Brigade On Facebook

For those of you who are into Facebook, Comrade John Seaforth has started a “Brigade” page at

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Northwest Novel #5

Hi, guys: Okay, okay, in response to repeated pleadings and bribe offers (literally) I finally started work, more or less, on Northwest Novel #5 yesterday, October 22nd. (Note significance of date.) This consists of beginning to put down some notes and section headings and generally lay out a plot, or series of separate plots since […]

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Reading Order for Northwest Novels

Hi, guys: Another spaced repetition e-mail. Kind of a FAQ. Mr. Covington, I have bought The Brigade, A Distant Thunder, The Hill of the Ravens, and A Mighty Fortress on Amazon and was wondering in what order they should be read to get the correct timeline for the story of the Northwest Republic? Thank you […]

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More Repetition, Sorry

Hi, guys: Another spaced repetition e-mail. It’s like I said on Radio Free Northwest #28: I keep getting the same questions over and over again, and each person who asks is convinced that it’s original with him and he is the first ever to ask. Mr. Covington, I have bought The Brigade, A Distant Thunder, […]

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In Love With Kicky McGee

Dear HAC, I wanted to say this, can’t remember to say everything at once. I’ve been telling folks, both real and cyberfolk, about The Brigade. I’ve been telling them that you are at least the best fiction writer from the White Nationalist movement. I have come to this Movement just over a year ago with […]

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True Born Son

I haven’t yet got my hands on any of the Northwest novels, but I am particularly interested in A Distant Thunder, due to the fact that you named the main character Shane Ryan, which just happens to be my son’s first and middle names. (No, he wasn’t named after the novels, as he was born […]

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Smuggling Books Into Germany

Hi Harold,   It sounds like you are lucky to get the books back.   I have some experience sending things through German Customs having worked with a contra banned skinhead music label a good friend ran a few years back and I know there are things that they will not even give hardly a glance […]

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Verboten in the Fatherland

As those of you on the Northwest Revolution list are aware, when I tried to send Ernst Zundel a Northwest Quartet they came back shrink-wrapped from German customs with all kinds of nasty green stickers in German on them about hate and forbidden material, etc. I’m not sure whether this was because I was sending […]

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"The Curse of the Brigade" Part Trois

Hi, guys: Okay, for those of you who are willing to work the celebrity and Hollyweird sites via comment and Twitter and Facebook, you should use the URL This was Calvin’s old blog. I tacked on the Glossary from the novels, which readers will see right below the Brigade letter from Ed Peacock, with […]

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Getting Into The Novels

Hello, Just wanted to let you know where I am at with the NW novels. I finished A Mighty Fortress yesterday and started The Brigade. A Mighty Fortress, personally was a little slower [than ADT], although it did have its action points, but a very good ending! For myself, I CAN see all this taking […]

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