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Freedom’s Sons, Section I

Hi, guys: My Northwest Novel #5, entitled Freedom’s Sons, will eventually consist of five sections spanning the first 50 years of the Northwest American Republic’s existence. The object of this book is to give us some idea of the kind of problems we will run into in forming a new White nation and how to […]

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Second Version of “That Video”

A second version of “that video” is now up on YouTube, the work of one of our comrades in Oregon. A third is in the works; I’ve seen a preliminary version. It’s great to see Aryan creativity starting to flow here.

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Freedom’s Sons Proof and Review

Just to show you how necessary the work you do for me on this is: I have so far received eight proofread copies of Section I of the novel back from the 25 Proof and Review Committee members. Of those eight, every single one of you have found typos and grammatical errors that none of […]

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Northwest Love Stories

Dear HAC, One of the most endearing parts of your novels is the “love stories”… there are so many single guys out here wishing they had a dream White Nationalist girl by their side…and many girls who might see it as their path to a good man if you pen it aright.  Please consider adding […]

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NF Leaflets

Hi, guys: Okay, you know those leaflets I send out with the intro packs? Who among you saved them? The idea is that you run them off at your local Kinko’s in many copies, and rubber-stamp your own address on them, or I can make you up special copies with your own address on them. […]

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NVA Attack Video

Hi, guys: Okay, this is what Colonel House has done with that special project I mentioned. Check it out. Watch it, and then I’ll tell you what I want you to do with it. -HAC

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Novel #5

[Excerpted from an e-mail I received. – HAC] Dear HAC: I just hope that people don’t just sit around waiting for #5 and doing nothing. We don’t need vampires just sucking you dry, and when you die, move on to the next thing. -Thom Realistically, Thom, that’s going to be it, but I simply don’t […]

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NF T-Shirts and Nick-Nacks

UPDATE:  The NF Storefront has been defunct due to the usual de-platforming reasons for quite a few years now.  This post is staying around for historical reasons. Comrades and Northwest Front Supporters – I’ll be adding some more products to the NF Storefront for Harold Covington . Does anyone have any suggestions for NF Designs […]

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Northwest Novels Web Site

Okay, I have just received the latest in a long line of promises from “Jack Torrance” that he is going to clean up his act and keep up the blog. I am so skeptical of this that I am not even going to put this out on the main list. but I’ll post it around […]

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