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Radio Free Northwest #16 – May 13th, 2010

In this podcast HAC talks about the New York truck bombing incident, the economy, the role of women in the Northwest Republic and the Northwest Constitutional ban on abortion.

Radio Free Northwest #15 – May 6th 2010

HAC discusses the development of the Tea Party, gives advice to White Nationalists, and talks about his vision for the Northwest Front.

Radio Free Northwest – April 29th, 2010

Discussion of “who is White”, some characters from the Northwest novels, and the new Arizona immigration law. 108 MB, length 47:18

RFN Episode 13

The “Amish Solution” for Whites, what you can do to help the NF, and the theory of armed struggle. 127 MB, length 55:48

RFN Episode 12

Economy of an independent Northwest Republic and the psychology of the White Mind. 127 MB, length 55:44

RFN Episode 11

Michigan militia arrests and the theory of guerrilla warfare in America. MP3, 103 MB, length 56:45

RFN Episode 10

Borders of the Northwest American Republic (NAR) and establishing the NAR as a place of refuge for White people. MP3, 45.6 MB, length 49:51

RFN Episode 9

The Goat Dance, treason, and the moral foundations of the Northwest Front. MP3, 45.5 MB, length 49:44

Episode 8

Answers to questions about conspiracy theories, White self reliance, and the future of the NF itself.

Episode 7

Harold Covington reads excerpts from his article entitled “The Awakening”.

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