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Radio Free Northwest – September 23rd 2010

This special two hour Radio Free Northwest is a FAQ broadcast, wherein Mr. Covington answers a number of standard questions that come up all the time such as does the NF advocate violence? Does the NF preach “hate”? What about small White enclaves instead of a whole new country? Why can’t we take back all […]

Radio Free Northwest – September 16th, 2010

In this broadcast Mr. Covington gives us an extended update on the Edgar Steele case, answers his Dutch Uncle critics, and discusses the beginning of NF local organizing here in the Homeland itself.

Radio Free Northwest – September 9th, 2010

In this broadcast Mr. Covington talks about his use of the forbidden N and K and F words, discusses the Constitutional form of government in the coming Northwest American Republic, and asks why White Nationalists refuse to live in communities.

Radio Free Northwest – September 2nd 2010

In this podcast Mr. Covington talks about the nature of Communism and capitalism, re-tells the story of the great Ezra Pound, and addresses a few words of advice to a federal agent.

Radio Free Northwest – August 26th 2010

In this episode Mr. Covington describes his first encounter with Obamacare, talks about what defines a Class A White Nationalist, and reads the late Order comrade Bruce Pierce’s last article, “Chryalis.”

Radio Free Northwest – August 19th 2010

In this episode Mr. Covington talks about the Hal Turner case, gives potential settlers a rundown on Northwest weather, and he discusses the creation (or not) of an NF General Headquarters unit.

Radio Free Northwest – August 12th 2010

In this episode HAC talks about Aryan history, the coming crash of the Obama economy (such as it is) and the window of opportunity it will provide for us, and also the famous doctrine of Leaderless Resistance.

Radio Free Northwest – August 5th 2010

This week Mr. Covington talks about why tattoos are a bad idea, ruminate on what might have been had we not fought two world wars against our brothers in Europe, and responds to a question on how the NF can generate “buzz” on the internet.

Radio Free Northwest – July 29th 2010

In this episode Mr. Covington discusses the White boys who remain adolescents almost into middle age, some of the provisions of the Northwest Constitution, and the guiding purpose behind the Northwest independence novels.

Radio Free Northwest – July 22nd 2010

In this podcast we begin with an Edgar Steele update, I talk about the time I tangled with Mr. Rogers, I offer some advice on self-publishing, and go over the White enclave question again.

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