Radio Free Northwest
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Mike Harris Show – March 25th 2013

HAC does another hour with Rense Radio talk show host Mike Harris.

Radio Free Northwest – March 28th 2013

HAC talks about the Colorado assassination of an American prison commandant, Gretchen reviews a book on Nathan Bedford Forrest, and we hear a panel discussion on Holocaust revisionsism with HAC, Seattle artist Charles Krafft, and Comrades Andy and Don.

Charles Krafft Interview

A special Radio Free Northwest interview with long-renowned Seattle artist and recently-renowned Holocaust heretic Charles Krafft.

Radio Free Northwest – March 21st 2013

HAC dishes on his O. C. Oglevy character, the Colorado shooting, and how “it” might happen, we hear from new migrants Rod and Donald, and Gretchen reviews a book on the Afrikaner people.

Radio Free Northwest – March 14th 2013

HAC raps on YouTube and the “sanctity of life”, Andy Donner addresses non-migration excuses, Olivia talks about the kosher food racket, and HAC comes back to talk about the Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner.

Radio Free Northwest – March 7th 2013

Mac raps on Northwest gun laws and non-migration excuses, HAC responds to John in England and dishes on the Brewington case and the upcoming papal conclave, Gretchen gets into Germanic mysticism, and then HAC does some more FBI-baiting.

Radio Free Northwest – February 28th 2013

HAC responds to a British comrade living in his mother’s basement; Gretchen reviews a book on the Norse Eddas; Andy from Seattle raps on migration and character, and then its back to Harold who dishes some more on the Northwest Volunteers.

Radio Free Northwest – February 21st 2013

A special podcast from HAC.  Make sure to download this one and keep it for future reference.

Radio Free Northwest – February 14th 2013

HAC on the Chris Dorner episode, internet madness, and the Northwest Volunteers. Gretchen talks about Savitri Devi’s other work, and Harold gives us a selection of Valentine’s Day-appropriate musical selections.

HAC On The Radio

HAC and host Mike Harris discuss the state of the media, Obamacare, the dictatorship’s impending gun control offensive, and the completed Freedom’s Sons.