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Radio Free Northwest – May 9th 2013

What do we do if the Balloon doesn’t Go Up?

HAC On The Mike Harris Show 4-29-2013

HAC talks with host Mike Harris about immigration and the fast-approaching moment of decision for White America to fight or die.

Radio Free Northwest – May 2nd 2013

Excerpts from a lengthy interview between HAC and host Rodney Martin on World View Foundation’s Conversations program

HAC Deanna Spingola Interview

This is an interview with RBN radio host Deanna Spingola, not for broadcast but for her private web site. Deanna and Mr. Covington talk about National Socialism and its adaptibility to the American scene, and there is a long discussion on the 2006 Draft Constitution of  the Northwest American Republic, which is good, because the […]

Radio Free Northwest – April 25th 2013

HAC raps and rambles, rapping on the Boston bombings and rambling on a long, Grandpa Simpson-like anecdote from his misspent youth. Gretchen reviews a book on Dharma and there’s some more stuff about conspiratorial method in there as well.

Radio Free Northwest – April 18th 2013

HAC speaks on the Texas lawyer-whackings and the Boston Baked Bombs, and then about Adolf Hitler and National Socialism. Gretchen reviews a biography of British Fascist leader Sir Oswald Mosley, and we hear a message from Cyndi Steele.

Radio Free Northwest – April 11th 2013

HAC talks about the Texas lawyer-whackings and the Conspiratorial Method, Gretchen expounds on Aryan mummies in Asia, Andy goes all positive on our ass, and we hear some racial rock music.

Radio Free Northwest – April 4th 2013

HAC on the Texas shootings and the new “legal” definition of what constitutes a “threat”; a visitor from Montana speaks; and we hear the last segment of the panel discussion including media-slimed Seattle artist Charles Krafft.

Mike Harris Show – March 25th 2013

HAC does another hour with Rense Radio talk show host Mike Harris.

Radio Free Northwest – March 28th 2013

HAC talks about the Colorado assassination of an American prison commandant, Gretchen reviews a book on Nathan Bedford Forrest, and we hear a panel discussion on Holocaust revisionsism with HAC, Seattle artist Charles Krafft, and Comrades Andy and Don.