Radio Free Northwest
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Radio Free Northwest – November 15th 2012

Andy Donner on the election results, a letter from imprisoned dissident writer Bill White, Gretchen the Librarian reviews a book on H. P. Lovecraft, and HAC rambles on about all sorts of stuff.

Radio Free Northwest – November 8th 2012

A short, terse commentary from HAC on the last traditional presidential election in American history, and our future as a minority in our own land.

HAC On Rense Radio November 2nd 2012

HAC is the featured guest with Mike Harris on Rense Radio. A word of caution: this was recorded on the host’s end and so some of his comments are affected. The sound is a bit garbled, you can hear trucks going by in the background, etc. Most of Mr. Covington’s comments come through okay, though.

Radio Free Northwest – November 1st 2012

Edgar Steele speech from 2002, Gretchen on Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag Archipelago, and HAC rants on the election, Leaderless Resistance, and his non-forthcoming memoirs and why they are non-forthcoming.

Radio Free Northwest – October 25th 2012

Effie Sue Washington on the presidential debates; HAC preaches a sermonette on how education is no substitute for action, Gretchen reviews a book on modern Movement tactics, and the 1809 disappearance of British diplomat Benjamin Bathurst. Plus three spooky Halloween musical selections and one that’s just gross.  

Radio Free Northwest – October 18th 2012

HAC rambles disjointedly about grand juries and their use by the Tyranny, we hear the third and final segment of Edgar Steele’s last interview, and Harold eulogizes our slain comrade Jeff Hughes, who was murdered in Vancouver, B.C. by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police on October 23rd, 2009.

Radio Free Northwest – October 11th 2012

Harold re-evaluates both Iran and the election; Chris from Montana speaks out; Part Two of Edgar Steele’s last interview, Gretchen reviews a book on a possible Arctic Aryan Homeland, and we hear some German moog music.

HAC On The Mike Harris Show October 8th 2012

Mike is the only talk radio host who allows me on the air;  this is the fourth time I’ve been on his show, and amazingly, he still has his job. It’s a morning drive-time slot in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. This was originally a two-hour show, but I trimmed it down to an hour and […]

Radio Free Northwest – October 4th 1914

Harold raps on Iran and the elections (again), we re-play Edgar Steele’s last prison interview, (Part One), Gretchen the Librarian review The Light In The Forest, and HAC concludes with one of his usual Philippics.

Radio Free Northwest – September 27th 1914

In this podcast Andy Donner speaks on Northwest Migration, Harold gives permission for anyone to use his work in advancement of the 14 Words, we hear Cyndi Steele’s speech on the courthouse steps after her husband’s convictions, then Gretchen talks about working for RFN and Harold babbles on for a bit.