Radio Free Northwest
Tune in weekly for an episode of Radio Free Northwest with your host Harold Covington.

Radio Free Northwest – January 12th 2012

In this podcast HAC talks about the New Hampshire Republican primary, Axis Sally interviews a new Northwest migrant, Action Andy and Harold talk about guns, and the gang raps on faggot nativity scenes.

Radio Free Northwest – January 5th 2012

In this podcast we continue with some of the panel discussions from previous shows, and we feature a surprise musical guest.

Radio Free Northwest – December 29th 2011

Our annual end of the year all-music show.

Radio Free Northwest – December 22nd 2011

In this hundredth episode of Radio Free Northwest, we conclude last week’s panel discussion, then Axis Sally and HAC share Christmas reminiscences and talk about gay suicide and queer penguins.  Gretchen the Librarian talks about the importance of Hitler’s Mein Kampf,  and Harold rants and raves about “Committee of Correspondence” types.

Radio Free Northwest – December 15th 2011

In this podcast we hear the rest of last week’s panel discussion, Axis Sally gives us a biography of Julius Streicher, and HAC rambles on about the racial implications of weather and climate.

Harold Covington on the Mike Harris Show

This is the radio show I did with Mike Harris on Republic Broadcasting Network, a wide-range national AM station, on December 5th, 2011. I have edited out some extranea and most of the uuuhs and aaahs and you-knows, so the conversation between Mike and myself and the callers sounds a little snappier than it did […]

Radio Free Northwest – December 8th 2011

In this podcast Axis Sally talks about bullying and the Southern Poverty Law Center, and we have an extended panel discussion between four comrade of the NF on the subject of exactly how the Northwest Republic may come into existence in the real world.

Radio Free Northwest – December 1st 2011

In this podcast we hear panel discussion between Sally, HAC, and Comrade Wallace on Occupy Wall Street, storming the Bastille, and feminism, plus a commentary on social welfare in the Northwest American Republic, how to get in touch with the Northwest Front, and the question of when the revolution will come.

Radio Free Northwest – November 24th 2011

On this Thanksgiving Day we hear from Edward R. Murrow on courage, Gretchen the Librarian on karma, the RFN Trouble Trio tell their favorite true nigger stories, while Axis Sally and HAC rant and rave about character.

Radio Free Northwest – November 17th 2011

In this podcast we hear from a libertarian on armed resistance against ZOG, HAC and Sally and Wallace BS for about 20 minutes, HAC answers a few e-mails, and Axis Sally talks about womens’ role in the Movement.

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