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Radio Free Northwest – December 15th, 2016

HAC on the coming Trumplezeit; Andy on the coming Trumplezeit; Gretchen on the European Far Right; HACĀ  introduces Settlers ’17.

Radio Free Northwest – December 8th 2016

A long review of the Northwest Independence novels by a millennial comrade.

Radio Free Northwest – December 1st 2016

Harold on impending Beestial coup d’etat and some housekeeping stuff. Gretchen gets into Schopenhauer and we hear from Comrade Jay from Tacoma.

Radio Free Northwest – November 24th 2016

The Ghost Dance, Part Three

Radio Free Northwest – November 17th 2016

RFN listeners chime in with their comments on the election results and our possible Trumpledorian future.

Radio Free Northwest – November 10th 2016

Shortened episode this week: HAC on the victory of Donald Trump.

Radio Free Northwest – November 3rd 2016

Our last pre-election episode. All kinds of Trump stuff and conspiracy theory.

Radio Free Northwest – October 27th 2016

Very Trumpian this week. Andy answers Gretchen’s question on Trump, HAC bloviates on Trump and PayPal, Gretchen reviews Phyllis Schafly’s book on Trump, and we have a special guest speaker–wait for it!–Donald Trump.

RFN Call-In Show October 20th 2016

Call-in show for October 20th on the Trump-Clinton presidential race and post-election prospects.

Radio Free Northwest – October 20th 2016

HAC on the presidential horse race. Gretchen on Solzhenitsyn, and we also hear from Goyhammer and Ramzpaul.

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